Mercedes A-Class – best hatchbacks 2018

The Mercedes A-Class is a yardstick for all other hatchbacks when it comes to design, quality and tech

Even though the new Mercedes A-Class isn’t going to set the world alight when it comes to handling, it does offer motorists class-leading onboard tech and great refinement. Despite the continued success of the last generation A-Class, Mercedes went back to the drawing board with the latest car – revising the platform it uses, along with the interior, engines and tech.

The changes don’t end there either, Mercedes claims that the aerodynamic alterations it has made to the exterior are equivalent to shaving 100kg from the kerbweight. However, all these improvements don’t come cheap, with the A-Class range starting at around £22k and going all the way up to £32k for a top of the line model.

• Mercedes A-Class review

The A-Class’ architecture has been engineered with electrification in mind, with the all-electric Mercedes EQ A hatchback expected to arrive at the turn of the decade. The new A-Class really shines on the motorway, where it is quiet, stable and composed – Mercedes boses claim it offers C-Class levels of comfort.  

Best hatchbacks to buy now

  • 1. Volkswagen Golf
  • 2. Mercedes A-Class
  • 3. Skoda Octavia
  • 4. Vauxhall Astra
  • 5. Renault Megane
  • 6. Honda Civic
  • 7. SEAT Leon
  • 8. Peugeot 308
  • 9. Mazda 3
  • 10. Audi A3
  • Previous: 1. Volkswagen Golf Next: 3. Skoda Octavia

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