Michelin Cross Climate+

Overall score: 99%Michelin Cross Climate+

A winner last year in 16-inch form, the Michelin just failed to make it two victories on the trot, thanks to the new Continental, which seems to have taken much of the CrossClimate + design ethos on board. “A summer tyre with winter capability” is how Michelin describes the CrossClimate, but on-snow performance was close to that of more specialist designs, particularly through turns.

It was less effective in braking and traction, although even then it was well within 10 per cent, and still much more likely to get you home than a summer tyre. Last year we saw it star in the wet and dry, but that wasn’t so clear this time. It remained top in wet braking, yet found its match elsewhere – and again struggled in the curved aquaplaning test. It might have had to settle for a close third on the wet track, but it felt good, with decent front grip and a stable rear.

It was most at home in the dry, with a strong front that let you get on the throttle early. Crucially, it felt more like a summer tyre and lacked the softness of its rivals.It was also a clear winner in dry braking– more than a metre ahead of the next best and seven metres up on the worst.

We say: “A great all-rounder, and the tyre of choice for dry conditions.”

Blackcircles.com say: “With more than 3,700 reviews and sizes up to 20 inches, this range is very popular with our buyers, who rate it highly.”

ResultsSnow braking91.8%6thSnow traction96.2%4thSnow circle98.9%3rdSnow handling98.5%3rdStraight aquaplaning94.5%4thCurved aquaplaning72.9%4thWet braking100%6thWet handling98.2%1stWet circle98%3rdDry braking100%1stDry handling100%1stRolling resistance89.8%3rdCabin noise99.2%=5thPrice£105 Previous: 1. Continental All Season Contact Next: 3. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

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