Most reliable 4x4s and SUVs 2019

These are the most reliable 4x4s and SUVs on the market according to the thousands of UK car owners who the 2019 Driver Power survey

When it comes to cars, one of the first things on every motorist’s mind is reliability, especially when it comes to buying used cars. Top speed and bhp may grab headlines but reliability is, arguably, the most important factor to most people. The difficulty is in discovering which cars are the most reliable, though.

The rise in popularity of SUVs and crossovers in recent years has meant that both are now commonplace in the UK. The ability of these vehicles to go off-road has slipped down the priority lists of buyers and they are more regularly bought for their practicality and high driving position but everyone who purchases an SUV will have half an eye on the question of reliability. Reliability problems are something that no owner wants to deal with, as major issues soon lead to expensive repairs. Therefore it makes sense to find out which SUVs and 4x4s are the most reliable from the very start.

• Most reliable cars to buy 2019

Every year the Driver Power Survey helps pick out the most reliable cars from the people who know them best, their owners. Tens of thousands of UK car owners have rated their cars across a range of categories, including reliability. We have analysed the results and below you will find the top 10 most reliable SUVs and 4x4s as decided by you, the UK’s motoring public.

Driver Power 2019: most reliable SUVs and 4x4s10. Suzuki Vitara Mk3

Years of manufacture: 2005-2015
Driver Power reliability score: 91.88 per cent

The Mk3 Suzuki Vitara is the oldest car in the top ten, first going on sale back in 2005. The funky little off-roader has beaten many far newer and more expensive SUVs in Driver Power with its reliability score of over 91 per cent. Very few owners have complained of any faults, with only 7.8 of them encountering an issue. 

9. Volvo XC60 Mk1

Years of manufacture: 2009-2017
Driver Power reliability score: 92.30 per cent

The first-generation Volvo XC60 was designed to replicate the success of the bigger XC90 SUV and didn’t do a bad job. The XC60 proved a hit for Volvo and owners are still impressed with the car despite it being a decade old. 15.6 per cent of owners discovered issues, with the engines being responsible for a third of those problems.

8. Kia Sportage Mk3

Years of manufacture: 2010-2015
Driver Power reliability score: 92.57 per cent

The Mk3 Kia Sportage is the first of two-generations of Sportage to appear in the top ten. The Mk3 may be almost a decade old but owners are impressed with how well it has performed over time. Despite the high running costs and less than impressive drivetrains, owners have had little to find fault with. That said, 17.3 per cent of owners did report a problem, with the engine being the cause for a quarter of issues.

7. Skoda Yeti Mk1

Years of manufacture: 2009-2017
Driver Power reliability score: 92.80 per cent

The Skoda Yeti proved to be a quirky yet loveable SUV and showed that Skoda was not afraid to stray out of the shadow of parent company Volkswagen and venture into new territory. While it may not be on sale anymore, owners of the Yeti have found little to fault with it. Only 16.7 per cent of owners found a problem, with 40 per cent of those being down to electrical gremlins. 

6. Toyota RAV4 Mk4

Years of manufacture: 2012-2018
Driver Power reliability score: 94.68 per cent 

The Toyota RAV4 continues the trend of Japanese reliability by being the third Japanese manufacturer to feature on this list, along with Suzuki and Lexus. Despite the RAV4 not being as premium as some of the other SUVs on this list, 90 per cent of owners have had trouble-free ownership with no obvious fault patterns appearing among those who did face issues.

5. Lexus NX Mk1

Years of manufacture: 2015-date
Driver Power reliability score: 94.72 per cent 

The Lexus NX Mk1 is the first of three Lexus models to make our top ten list and shows that Lexus clearly knows how to build a reliable car. The medium-sized NX SUV scored the lowest reported fault rate of any car surveyed with only 3.3 per cent of owners ever finding issues with it. Only time will tell if it can rank any higher in future Driver Powers.

4. Lexus RX Mk3

Years of manufacture: 2009-2015
Driver Power reliability score: 95.35 per cent

The premium Mk3 Lexus RX scores an impressive 95.35 per cent for reliability with only 10.7 per cent of owners have had faults. While it fails to match the smaller and younger NX, overall it gets the edge and ranks a position higher.

3. Kia Sorento Mk3

Years of manufacture: 2015-date
Driver Power reliability score: 95.66 per cent

Despite getting a 95.66 per cent score for reliability, the Kia Sorento Mk3 only places third this year. The large SUV is only just beaten by its smaller Sportage sibling but this shows that the competition was extremely close. Almost a fifth of owners experienced some kind of issues with electrical glitches beng the most common fault.

2. Kia Sportage Mk4

Years of manufacture: 2015-date
Driver Power reliability score: 95.80 per cent

The Mk4 Kia Sportage manages to pip both its predecessor and larger SUV sibling to second place with a score of 95.80 per cent.  Two generations of Sportages are featured in this list which shows that it’s clearly one of the most reliable SUVs available. With just 16.5 per cent of owners discovering an issue, it was well below-average and the faults discovered tended to be minor ones.

1. Lexus RX Mk4

Years of manufacture: 2015-date
Driver Power reliability score: 96.02 per cent

The Mk4 Lexus RX takes the top spot ahead of its Korean rival with a score of 96 per cent. The fact that eight out of the top ten are actually Japanese or Korean shows that they are leading the way in building reliable cars. Only 9.1 per cent of owners found a fault with their car as exterior trim and paint were the cause in a quarter of issues. 

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