Motorcycle Maintenance You Can Do Yourself Easily

Proclaiming your love for motorcycles is quite easy. However, at times, it is quite difficult to prove so. To love anything, you must be able to prove it by actually caring for them. If you love your motorcycle then you must be able to maintain it as well. I’m not saying that you should, maybe, become a mechanical engineer. All I am saying is that you must be able to take care of the few things below that are easy to take care of! I know you’re into motorcycle gear such jackets and chap, but you must also be able to take care of your ride!

1. Changing Oil

It is very important to take care of the engine’s health. You can easily do so. Also, oil replacement has to occur after a few thousand miles. Just turn on your bike for 5 minutes. After that, turn your bike off and remove the drain plug as well as the oil fill plug. After the old oil has flown out, you can easily put in the new one. You must take care of letting the oil flow in the drain pan properly. With time, you will become a pro at it. You can also learn to change the oil filter as you become better at doing this job. Dispose of the oil at your nearest oil change for recycling purposes.

2. Replacing Filter

An unclean air filter is going to affect the overall performance of your bike. The filter keeps away the debris from your bike’s engine. It’s not tough to change a filter. However, the activity is quite time-consuming. Moreover, the air filter in most bikes is easily accessible. However, sometimes, you have to remove the gas tank and other parts to get it out. As soon as you find the air box, take the filter out and replace it. Then, simply, place all the parts back.

3. Maintaining Tire Pressure and Tread

You can easily locate the valve stem from the wheel. Just remove its cap and place the pressure gauge on top of it to measure the pressure. If you don’t already know the optimum pressure to be achieved, just look for the information on the side of the tire. Otherwise, many gas stations have this information written somewhere. If you add in extra air, let it out. And that’s it, you’re done!

4. Changing Coolant

A coolant helps make your ride stay cool, just like you do when you ride with that amazing jacket. A coolant will help to keep your bike from becoming too hot. Remove the coolant drain bolt and place a drain pain. Once it is drained, simply add in the new coolant. Use a funnel. One done, put back the lid. You are done. Start the ignition and allow the system to warm up for a few minutes. Then, turn it off! However, do not forget to check if the coolant level is at an optimum level afterward. If more coolant is required then add it. You must not add more than the amount mentioned in the user manual.

5. Cleaning Chain

Most of the chains these days are O-ring chains. They do not require cleaning as such. However, when the chains get too dirty, then you must clean them. All you have to do is put the transmission on a neutral to allow easy chain movement. Now, simply use a brush to get every part of the chain and lubricate it with good chain lube. Moreover, continue to move the wheel as you do so. Continue this for a few minutes, and you will notice the improvements in your ride in no time.

It is important to note that we should take care of both our associations with human beings and the things that belong to us. Doing so will not only increase their life but also make them look evergreen forever. For things to keep functioning, they require attention and care. These things must be provided to them to keep them working optimally, Moreover, you should know of these quick maintenance tips. They can come in handy at the time of need like a safety kit after an accident. We should always be well prepared and vigilant for anything the nature throws at us.

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