New 2019 Audi e-tron Sportback: electric coupe SUV spied

A Sportback version of Audi’s all-electric e-tron SUV has been caught on camera, and looks set for release later this year

This is our first candid look at the new Audi e-Tron Sportback. The new coupe-inspired all-electric SUV looks to expand into the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe’s market, offering a zero-emissions alternative.

Audi’s new e-Tron Sportback will sit on the same underpinnings as the standard e-Tron, which uses an adapted version of the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform. As such, it will have an electric motor on both the front and rear axles, producing respective power outputs of 168bhp and 188bhp. Like the standard e-Tron, the system will also provide a “boost” function, offering a maximum output of 402bhp for up to 10 seconds.

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The same battery pack and charging system will also feature, following the e-Tron’s brief as a long-range all-electric car. We’re expecting the same range of at least 248 miles on the WLTP cycle, as well as a sophisticated energy recuperation system and support for 150kW fast-charging. However, given the slightly more aerodynamic rear end, the e-tron Sportback could boast a little extra range.

Inside, the e-Tron Sportback will receive the same setup as the conventional e-Tron SUV with twin touchscreen controls and Audi’s 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster as standard. Optional extras will include wing-mounted cameras in place of conventional rear-view mirrors and kerb cameras.

Practicality will take a hit over the standard e-Tron, with the Sportback’s sloping roofline encroaching on rear passenger and boot-space. The 600-litre boot capacity will probably lose around 70-litres or so, but the handy 60-litres of load space under the bonnet will be retained.

We’re expecting the new e-Tron Sportback to make its debut very soon, though an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next week would be a surprise. Like the conventional e-Tron, we anticipate that just one trim level for the Sportback will be offered in the UK from its likely launch in 2020, with an S Line and Vorsprung edition to follow later.

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