New 2020 Cupra Terramar coupe-SUV leaked online

The new Coupe-SUV, which is likely to be called the Cupra Terramar, will be the brand’s first standalone car and is set to offer 296bhp

Cupra’s first true standalone model after splitting from SEAT will be a coupe-SUV, and this leaked image shows how the newcomer, which is expected to be called the Terramar, will look.

In effect, the all-new Cupra Terramar is a coupe version of the SEAT Ateca mid-size SUV, but taking styling cues from the newer Tarraco flagship. It’ll be seen first as a hot Cupra-badged model in 2020, while a more conventional SEAT offering of the car could follow within 18 months to two years.

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Following SEAT’s rebranding of its sporty Cupra arm as a standalone brand, which was launched with the Cupra Ateca earlier this year, the Terramar will become what senior officials at the company are calling the first “100 per cent Cupra” model.

From the leaked image we can see some similarities to the Tarraco, but while the headlights and grille shape remain largely the same, they sit above a more aggressive bumper design. The roof tails away much more sharply and the Terramar also features exaggerated wheelarches.

The Cupra Terramar looks set to be powered by the same 296bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine fitted to the Ateca. It will also feature four-wheel drive and a dual-clutch automatic transmission. At a later date the model could introduce plug-in hybrid technology to Cupra enthusiasts as well.

SEAT boss Luca de Meo hinted that Cupra would be a good base for PHEV tech, insisting plug-in was a “good option for performance cars”.

The standard SEAT model is likely to be offered with the same range of petrol and diesel engines as the Tarraco.

The name ‘Terramar’ pays tribute to one of Spain’s oldest motor racing venues: the Autodromo de Sitges-Terramar is a former racing circuit in the Catalonia region.

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