New BMW 330e Touring plug-in hybrid launched

Plug-in hybrid estate version of the new BMW 3 Series is available in the UK with rear and four-wheel-drive options

BMW has broadened its range of plug-in hybrid models by adding a new 330e Touring to the line-up, while expanding the 330e family to models with both rear-wheel and four-wheel-drive powertrains.

The revisions to the 330e line-up also introduce efficiency gains, without spoiling performance on paper.

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The brand’s latest hybrid system comprises a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, one electric motor, a 12kWh battery, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Total power stands at 252bhp, but that can increase to 292bhp during kickdown when the car is put into Sport mode for a boost in performance. BMW claims the 330e xDrive Touring is able to cover 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and hit a stop speed of 136mph. 

On the efficiency front, BMW says the updated PHEV powertrain can return up to 156mpg while emitting 42g/km of CO2. In the saloon, the figures stand at 166mpg and 38g/km of CO2. Both models can cover at least 34 miles on electric power only and take 3.4 hours to recharge from a wallbox charger.

The boot capacity in the 330e Touring is only ‘marginally smaller’ than in a regular combustion version, but BMW doesn’t confirm a figure. However, dropping the rear bench frees up a total of 1,420 litres – that’s an 80-litre deficit over the regular model due to the location of the battery beneath the seats. 

330e Saloon models are on sale in the UK now, priced from £37,875, while the Touring will join the line-up from this summer, from around the £40,000 mark.

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