New car prices and specs guide 2018

The latest new car prices and specifications from mpg fuel economy and emissions to top speed, 0-60mph, insurance groups and safety scores

Welcome to the Auto Express new car price guide. We’ve assembled all of our new car pricing and specs data tables in one easy to use page so you can easily find the price, performance data, fuel economy, insurance group and other info on any mainstream new car on sale today.

The new car value and specification information is grouped in alphabetical order so scroll down the pages or use the links to jump to the manufacturer you’re looking for. 

• How to value your car

Below you’ll find full details on how to use the new car price guide, how to interpret the pricing data tables and what the different entries for each make and model of car mean.  

How the new car price guide works

Performance: This is the manufacturer’s claimed acceleration time for a car, and is measured from 0-60mph or 0-62mph (0-100kph), in seconds. 

Economy and emissions: The combined cycle economy and emissions figures in miles per gallon and grams per kilometre of CO2. Figures are recorded in regulated tests, but may not be representative of actual efficiency in everyday driving. 

Insurance: Group rating as quoted by the Association of British Insurers.  

Warranty: By each manufacturer’s name is the basic warranty period in months for mechanicals, corrosion and paintwork. 

List Price: This is the on-the-road figure and includes VAT, delivery to dealer, 12 months’ road tax, number plates and first registration. Cars that qualify for it include the Government Plug-in Car Grant. 

Will It Fit? Is your garage big enough? Our measurements show the length and width of each model, but remember estate and performance variants may be bigger.

Driver Power position: Auto Express’s survey canvasses results from tens of
thousands of motorists. Models are rated by drivers, then ranked against others on sale in the UK from one to 100. The lower the number, the higher the score. 

Eco band: New cars fall into 13 CO2 bands from A-M. Our guide shows which eco bracket each vehicle is in and how much road tax you pay in the first year and each subsequent year. However, we advise you to double check a specific model’s rating.

Current vehicle VED tax bands

When a car is first registered, its first year’s road tax is included in the price. This is emissions-based, and adds anything from zero on electric cars to £2,000 for vehicles emitting over 255g/km of CO2. After 12 months, it’s the owner’s responsibility to tax their vehicle, and the rate depends on the fuel used:

Vehicles below £40,000Vehicles Over £40,000Electric vehicle:£0Electric vehicle:£310Alternative fuel:£130Alternative fuel:£440Petrol/diesel:£140Petrol or diesel:£450Alternative fuels include hybrids, plug-in hybrids, bi-ethanol and LPG fuels.After five years, vehicles costing more than £40,000 revert to the lower rates.

Pick-up trucks: The models listed here pay a flat rate of road tax, at £250 per year. 

Euro Ncap rating: At the start of each model is its Euro NCAP crash test safety rating (if available). The maximum score for a vehicle is five stars, although the test has been made tougher over the years, so not all ratings are directly comparable.

New car price and spec guide

New car prices: Abarth to BMW

• Abarth prices 
• Alfa Romeo prices 
• Alpine prices
• Aston Martin prices 
• Audi prices 
• Bentley prices 
• BMW prices

New car prices A to Z: Abarth to BMW – Citroen to Hyundai – Infiniti to Mercedes – MG to SEAT – Skoda to Volvo

MPG0-60mphCO2Insurance groupList priceAbarthDealers: 82 / Warranty: 3 years/60000 miles595 – 3660x1627mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: 65th1.4 T-Jet (145) 59547.17.813929£15,5151.4 T-Jet (165) 595 Trofeo47.17.313930£17,6651.4 T-Jet (165) 595 Turismo47.17.313930£18,6151.4 T-Jet (180) 595 Competizione47.16.713934£20,7151.4 T-Jet (180) 695 Rivale47.16.713935£22,8651.4 T-Jet (190) 695 Biposto45.95.914537£33,115Auto: add £1350 (not Biposto), 595C: add £2000124 Spider – 4054x1740mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.4T MultiAir (170) Scorpione44.16.814829£26,9251.4T MultiAir (170)44.16.814829£29,625Auto: £2300 (not Scorpione), Heritage: same price as standardAlfa RomeoDealers: 55 / Warranty: 5 years/75000 milesMiTo – 4063x1720mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.4 TB MultiAir (78)50.4131309£13,8450.9T TwinAir (105)67.211.49913£15,5051.4T MultiAir (140) TCT Super52.38.112422£18,9951.4T MultiAir (170) TCT Veloce52.37.312427£21,3851.3 JTDM-2 (95)80.712.99011£16,1051.3 JTDM-2 (95) Speciale80.712.99011£18,555Speciale: add £750 to SuperGiulietta – 4351x1798mm, EURO-NCAP HHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.4T (120)45.69.414415£19,7201.4T MultiAir (150) Super51.48.212719£22,2751.4T MultiAir (170) TCT Super57.77.611422£24,0201.75 TBi (240) TCT Veloce41.5615730£29,9651.6 JTDM-2 (120) Tecnica74.3109917£20,6052.0 JTDM-2 (150) Tecnica67.38.811021£21,8252.0 JTDM-2 (175) TCT Speciale65.77.811321£28,810Auto: add £2160 to 2.0 JTDM-2, add £1400 to 1.6 JTDM-2, Super: add £1250 to Giulietta. Speciale: add £2805-£3370 to SuperGiulia – 4639x1873mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 3rd2.0T (200) TCT47.96.613824£29,8802.0T (280) TCT Veloce46.35.714125£38,2652.9TT (510) TCT Quadrifoglio33.23.919846£61,6252.2 JTDM (150) TCT Super67.38.210922£32,1402.2 JTDM (180) TCT Super67.36.810926£33,340Super: add £1700 to 2.0T. Tecnica: add £245 to Super, Speciale: add £2200 to 2.2 JTDM-2 (180) Super.Stelvio – 4687x1903mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0T (200) TCT AWD40.47.216130£34,7052.0T (280) TCT AWD Speciale40.45.716136£43,7052.9TT (510) TCT Quadrifoglio31.43.8210N/A£69,5002.2 JTDM (180) TCT RWD60.17.612429£34,0352.2 JTDM (180) TCT AWD Speciale58.97.612731£41,5352.2 JTDM (210) TCT AWD Super58.96.612731£38,5352.2 JTDM (210) TCT AWD Speciale58.96.612733£42,335Super: add £2200 to 2.0T, add £2280 to 2.2 JTDM, Milano: add £1700 to Speciale. 4WD: add £1500 to 2.2 JTDM Super4C – 3989x2090mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.75 TBi (240) TCT 4C41.54.515750£52,8354C Spider: add £7000AlpineDealers: 7 / Warranty: 3 years/60000 milesA110 – 4180x1798mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.8T (252) DCT Pure464.514150£46,9051.8T (252) DCT Légende464.514150£50,805Aston MartinDealers: 20 / Warranty: 3 years/unlimited milesRapide S – 5020x2140mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A6.0 V12 (560) auto Rapide S21.94.430050£149,5006.0 V12 (595) auto Rapide AMR21.94.430050£194,950Vantage – 4465x1942mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.0 V8 (510) auto Vantage26.93.624550£120,900DB11 – 4739x1940mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.0 V8 (510) auto DB1128.5423050£144,9005.2 V12 (608) auto DB1124.83.926550£157,9005.2 V12 (630) auto DB11 AMR24.83.726550£174,995DB11 V8 Volante: add £15000DBS – 4712x1940mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A5.2 V12 (725) auto Superleggera233.428550£225,000Vanquish – 4728x1912mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A6.0 V12 (600) auto Vanquish S21.63.529850£199,950Volante: add £12000AudiDealers: 118 / Warranty: 3 years/60000 milesA1 – 3954x1740mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 53rd1.0 TFSI (95) SE 3dr6010.99915£15,5651.4 TFSI (125) Sport Nav 3dr57.68.811521£18,2802.0 TFSI (231) S1 Nav 3dr40.45.816233£27,1401.6 TDI (116) SE 3dr80.79.49219£16,660S tronic: add £1560, Sportback 5dr: add £620 to A1, £730 to S1, Sport Nav: add £2275 to SE, S Line Nav: add £1995 to Sport Nav (not 1.0 TFSI), Black Edition: add £1615 to S line Nav (1.4 TFSI (150), 1.6 TDI only), Competition Nav: add £2450 to S1A3 Sportback – 4237x1777mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 46th1.0 TFSI (116) SE Technik67.310.99715£21,8101.5 TFSI (150) SE Technik57.68.111223£23,9802.0 TFSI (190) Sport50.46.812921£26,9152.0 TFSI (310) S tronic quattro S340.45.216238£35,8052.5 TFSI (400) S tronic quattro RS3344.118946£44,7551.4 TFSI (150) S tronic e-tron1767.63829£36,4651.6 TDI (116) SE Technik70.610.210619£24,0802.0 TDI (150) SE Technik70.68.510525£25,4302.0 TDI (184) quattro S tron S line64.27.411727£33,025S tronic auto: add £1510-£1550, S line: add £2150-£3700, Sport: add £1550 to SE, A3 Saloon: add £565, A3 Cabriolet: add £4590, quattro: add £1560 to 2.0 TFSI S Tronic, add £980 to 2.0 TDIA4 – 4726x1842mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 44th1.4 TFSI (150) SE54.38.712619£27,8152.0 TFSI (190) S tronic Sport55.47.311625£33,1652.0 TFSI (252) quattro S tron S line47.95.813630£39,9853.0 V6 TFSI (354) quat S tron S438.74.716636£46,0802.9 V6 TFSI (450) qt T RS4 Avant32.14.119944£62,2152.0 TDI ultra (150) SE74.38.99919£31,0452.0 TDI ultra (190) Sport72.47.710224£33,7153.0 V6 TDI (218) quat S tron Sport67.36.610927£38,4353.0 V6 TDI (272) quat S tron S line55.45.313436£41,9652.0 TFSI (252) S tronic Allroad44.16.114733£40,2352.0 TDI (190) S tronic Allroad57.67.812827£38,4153.0 V6 TDI (218) S tronic Allroad55.46.613728£40,4453.0 V6 BiTDI (272) Tiptron Allroad53.35.513939£44,715S tronic auto: add £1550, A4 Avant: add £1400, quattro: add £5350, Sport: ad £1750 to SE, S line: add £1450 to Sport, Black Edition: add £1870 to S lineA6 – 4933x1874mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.8 TFSI (190) S tronic SE Executive50.47.913032£33,1652.0 TFSI (190) quat S tron SE Exec42.26.515332£38,7554.0 TFSI V8 (450) quattro S tron S630.74.421447£58,6054.0 TFSI V8 (560) qt Tipt RS6 Avant29.43.922350£81,4702.0 TDI (190) quattro S tron SE Exec57.67.712833£36,9102.0 TDI (190) ultra SE Executive65.78.411332£33,9253.0 TDI (272) quat S tron S line55.45.513341£46,3153.0 BiTDI (320) quat Tiptronic S line47.1515943£51,290S tronic: add £1530, A6 Avant: add £2000, S line: add £2750 to SE,Black Edition: add £4975 to SEA7 Sportback – 4969x1908mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A3.0 V6 (340) 55 TFSI qt S tron Sport40.45.315844£55,1553.0 V6 (231) 45 TDI quat Tipt Sport50.46.5147N/A£52,2403.0 V6 (286) 50 TDI quat Tipt Sport48.75.714745£55,255S line: add £2900 to SportA8 – 5172-5302x1945mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A3.0 V6 (340) 55 TFSI quat Tiptronic37.75.617144£71,0303.0 V6 (286) 50 TDI quat Tiptronic50.45.914544£69,415LWB: add £3995, S line: add £4495 to 50 TDIQ2 – 4191x1794mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 26th1.0 TFSI (116) SE55.410.111713£21,6651.4 TFSI (150) SE52.38.512418£23,8151.6 TDI (116) SE64.210.311413£23,9552.0 TDI (150) quat S tronic Sport58.98.112520£29,685S tronic: add £1500 (not 1.0 TFSI), Sport: add £1550 to SE, S line: add £4000 to SE (not 1.0 TFSI)Q3 – 4385x1831mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 41st1.4 TFSI (150) Sport50.48.912819£27,9152.0 TFSI (180) quat S tronic Sport42.88.215227£32,3452.0 TDI (150) Sport61.49.611920£29,4952.0 TDI (184) quat S tronic Sport53.37.913924£33,615S tronic auto: add £1710, quattro: add £1560 to 2.0 TDI, S line Edition: add £2580 to SportQ5 – 4663x1893mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0 TFSI (252) quattro S tronic SE40.96.315735£39,8403.0 V6 TFSI (354) quat Tiptron SQ5345.418942£51,9552.0 TDI (190) quattro S tronic SE56.57.913229£39,0753.0 TDI (286) quattro S tron S line48.75.815235£46,890Sport: add £1100 to SE, S line: add £1950 to SportQ7 – 5052x1968mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A3.0 TDI (218) quattro Tiptronic SE48.77.315035£51,4253.0 TDI (272) quat Tiptron S line47.16.515840£57,7853.0 TDI (258) quat Tiptron e-tron156.96.24844£67,5754.0 TDI (435) quattro Tiptron SQ739.24.919049£74,385S line: add £3495 to SE, Black Edition: add £8000 to 3.0 TDI (272)S line, Vorsprung: add £21500 to 3.0 TDI (272), add £15520 to SQ7A5 Coupe – 4626-4649×1854-1860mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.4 TFSI (150) S tronic Sport53.38.912233£33,8452.0 TFSI (190) Sport50.47.212833£34,3852.0 TFSI (252) quattro S tron S line44.15.814440£42,9003.0 V6 TFSI (354) quattro S tron S536.74.717442£48,8802.9 V6TT TFSI (450) quat Tipt RS532.53.919744£63,6152.0 TDI (190) ultra Sport68.97.710626£36,4653.0 TDI (218) quattro S tron Sport65.76.611131£41,2803.0 TDI (286) quattro Tipt S line51.45.314334£44,915S tronic auto: add £1530, A5 Sportback: same price as Coupe, A5 Cabriolet: add £2945-£3480, S line: add £1650 to Sport, quattro: add £3000 to 2.0 TDITT – 4180x1832mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.8 TFSI (180) Sport47.16.913832£28,8552.0 TFSI (230) Sport46.3614135£32,0402.0 TFSI (310) quattro TTS38.74.916844£41,2052.5 TFSI (400) quat S tronic TT RS34.43.718743£52,4802.0 TDI (184) ultra Sport62.87.111634£32,080S tronic auto: add £1495 to 2.0 TFSI, £1480 to TTS, quattro: add £1430 to 2.0 TFSI quattro, S line: add £2550, TT Roadster: add £2185R8 – 4426x1940mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A5.2 V10 FSI (540) S tronic RWS22.83.728350£112,5205.2 V10 FSI (540) S tronic quattro22.43.528750£126,2005.2 V10 FSI (610) S tronic quat plus21.13.230650£141,200R8 Spyder: add £8690 to V10, add £9140 to V10 plusBentleyDealers: 23 / Warranty: 3 years/unlimited milesFlying Spur – 5299x1924mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.0 V8TT (507) auto Flying Spur25.94.925450£134,3806.0 W12TT (625) auto Flying Spur19.24.333550£158,145V8 S: add £10000, W12 S: add £14900Mulsanne – 5575x1926mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A6.75 V8T (512) auto Mulsanne16.85.139350£232,6056.75 V8T (537) at M’sanne Speed19.34.834250£255,245Mulliner: add £11725 (not Mulsanne Speed)Bentayga – 5141x1998mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.0 V8TT (542) auto24.84.426050£136,2006.0 W12TT (608) auto21.64.129650£164,8254.0 V8D (429) auto35.84.621050£137,615Continental – 4804-5290×1916-1945mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A6.0 W12TT (635) auto GT23.23.627850£158,7556.0 W12TT (635) auto GT First Ed23.23.627850£193,555BMWDealers: 192 / Warranty: 3 years/unlimited milesi3 – 3999x1775mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/AeDrive 94Ah (172) auto i3N/A7.3021£34,070eDrive 94Ah (172) auto i3 REx470.88.11321£37,220eDrive 94Ah (186) auto i3sN/A6.9021£36,975eDrive 94Ah (186) auto i3s REx403.57.71421£40,1251 Series – 4324x1765mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 62nd1.5 (136) 118i SE 3dr52.38.512518£22,4501.5 (136) 118i Sport 3dr52.38.512518£23,4501.6 (177) 120i Sport 3dr48.77.413621£25,7802.0 (218) auto 125i M Sport 3dr42.26.415728£30,5503.0 (340) M140i 3dr36.24.817937£34,3651.5 (116) 116d SE 3dr78.510.39415£23,4252.0 (150) 118d SE 3dr70.68.310419£24,6202.0 (150) 118d Sport 3dr70.68.310419£25,6202.0 (190) 120d Sport 3dr65.77.111424£27,2002.0 (224) auto 125d M Sport 3dr61.46.312130£32,310Auto: add £1490-£1685, 5dr: add £530, M Sport: add £1700-£18303 Series – 4624x1811mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 39th1.5T (136) 318i SE52.38.912423£27,8002.0T (184) 320i SE48.77.313430£30,4102.0T (184) 320i M Sport47.97.313831£32,6102.0T (252) 330i M Sport43.55.915136£36,3703.0TT (326) 340i M Sport36.75.517938£41,9652.0 hybrid (184) auto 330e SE148.76.14431£36,6952.0 hybrid (184) at 330e M Sport134.56.14931£38,8953.0TT (431) DCT M332.14.320445£60,4252.0 (116) 316d SE68.910.910920£30,3702.0 (150) 318d SE67.3911124£31,7102.0 (150) 318d M Sport64.2911625£33,9102.0 (190) 320d SE67.37.511131£32,8702.0 (190) 320d M Sport64.27.511632£35,0703.0 (258) auto 330d M Sport56.55.613138£41,0703.0 (313) auto 335d M Sport xD51.44.814543£44,075Auto: add £1730-£1420, xDrive: add £1550, Touring: add £1300-£1340, Sport: add £300 to SE, Gran Turismo: add £2555 (selected models), Competition Pack: add £3000 to M35 Series – 4907-4998×1860-1901mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: 21st2.0 (187) auto 520i SE52.37.812430£36,7552.0 (252) auto 530i SE48.76.213235£41,9003.0 (340) auto 540i xDrive SE39.24.816439£49,2254.4 V8TT (608) auto M526.93.424149£90,0152.0 hybrid (252) auto 530e SE50.26.24636£45,8202.0 (190) auto 520d SE68.87.510830£37,7752.0 (190) auto 520d SE ED72.47.510230£38,9602.0 (234) auto 525d SE64.26.611637£42,6303.0 (265) auto 530d SE60.15.712441£46,195M Sport: add £3300 (not ED), xDrive: add £2020 to 520d, £2040 to 530d, Touring: add £2220-£2500 (not 530e/M5)6 Series Gran Turismo – 5091x1901mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0 (262) auto 630i SE43.46.314841£48,2403.0 (340) auto 640i xDrive SE35.35.318342£55,6753.0 (265) auto 630d SE57.66.112943£52,225M Sport: add £3900-£3640, xDrive: add £2040 to 630d7 Series – 5098-5238x1902mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A3.0T (326) auto 740Li41.55.615944£75,0354.4 V8TT (449) auto 750i35.34.718646£79,5856.6 V12 (618) auto 760Li xDrive22.13.729450£138,3352.0T hybrid (326) auto 740e134.55.44947£71,7352.0 (234) auto 725d61.46.912244£63,0403.0 (265) auto 730d60.16.112446£67,3103.0 (320) auto 740d xDrive53.35.213447£75,085xDrive: add £2640 to 730d, Exclusive: add £1500, M Sport: add £5000, long wheelbase: add £4000 to 725d, 730d, 740d, add £6550 to 740e (also adds xDrive)2 Series Active Tourer – 4342x1800mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.5T (136) 218i SE57.69.211513£25,2202.0T (192) auto 220i SE47.97.513720£28,3251.5 (116) 216d SE74.310.69911£25,8852.0 (150) 218d SE68.98.910915£27,0602.0 (190) 220d SE64.27.611521£30,250Auto: add £1250-£1550, Sport: add £1250 to SE, Luxury: add £750 to Sport, M Sport: add £1000 to Luxury, xDrive: add £3050 to 220d, 2 Series Gran Tourer: add £1700X1 – 4439x1821mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.5T (140) sDrive18i SE48.79.713229£27,9402.0T (192) auto sDrive20i SE48.77.613231£30,7102.0 (150) sDrive18d SE61.49.312025£29,2802.0 (190) xDrive20d SE58.97.812629£33,3002.0 (231) auto xDrive25d SE55.46.613334£35,950Auto: add £1550 to 18i/18d/20d, xDrive: add £1500 to sDrive, Sport: add £1500 to SE, xLine/M Sport: add £3000 to SEX2 – 4360x1824mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0 (192) auto sDrive20i SE51.47.713429£31,4902.0 (150) auto sDrive18d SE62.89.312025£30,0402.0 (190) auto xDrive20d SE60.17.712629£34,0302.0 (190) auto xDrive20d M Sport60.17.712632£37,580Sport: add £1550 to SE, M Sport X: add £800 to M SportX3 – 4657x1881mm, EURO-NCAP HHHHHDRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0 (184) auto xDrive20i SE39.88.316330£39,4353.0 (360) auto M40i34.44.818840£52,1152.0 (190) auto xDrive20d SE53.3814030£40,1203.0 (265) auto xDrive30d SE48.75.815440£46,055xLine: add £900 to 20d, add £1200 to 30d, M Sport: add £2500 to 20d, add £2800 to 30dX4 – 4752x1918mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A2.0 (190) auto xDrive20d Sport52.3814231£42,9003.0 (331) auto M40d44.14.917043£55,315M Sport: add £2700 to Sport, M Sport X: add £4100 to SportX5 – 4886x1938mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.4 V8 (449) auto xDrive50i SE27.2524249£66,0652.0 hybrid (245) auto xD40e SE85.66.87741£57,0904.4 V8TT (575) auto X5 M25.44.225850£97,1152.0 (231) auto sDrive25d SE50.48.214942£49,5402.0 (231) auto xDrive25d SE48.78.215442£51,8703.0 (258) auto xDrive30d SE45.66.916244£55,4203.0 (313) auto xDrive40d SE45.65.916447£58,1403.0 (381) auto M50d xDrive42.25.317749£71,065M Sport: add £3185-£5140X6 – 4909x1989mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.4 V8 (449) at xDrive50i M Sport29.14.822549£72,7154.4 V8TT (575) auto X6 M25.44.225850£100,0853.0 (258) auto xDrive30d M Sport47.16.715745£61,1053.0 (313) auto xDrive40d M Sport45.65.816546£63,8253.0 (381) auto M50d xDrive42.85.217450£72,7052 Series Coupe – 4432x1774mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: 50th1.5T (136) 218i SE46.3714225£25,0602.0T (184) 220i Sport46.3714225£30,8552.0T (184) 220i M Sport44.8714826£32,4552.0T (245) 230i M Sport42.85.815430£33,3253.0TT (326) M240i34.9518939£37,8003.0TT (370) M233.24.519942£47,2602.0 (150) 218d SE65.78.911420£27,2002.0 (150) 218d Sport62.88.911921£28,2002.0 (190) 220d Sport62.87.211924£29,9302.0 (190) 220d M Sport58.97.212525£31,5302.0 (224) auto 225d M Sport60.16.312433£35,425Auto: add £1535 to 220i, £1545 to M235i, £1550 to diesels, £2640 to M2, Sport: add £1000 to SE, Convertible: add £3100-£34504 Series Coupe – 4638x1825mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: 54th2.0T (184) 420i Sport46.37.314131£34,3002.0T (252) 430i M Sport51.45.812934£40,7403.0T (326) 440i M Sport36.75.217937£45,5653.0TT (431) M432.14.320442£60,9852.0 (190) 420d Sport62.87.311931£36,5753.0 (258) auto 430d M Sport55.45.513440£43,7353.0 (313) auto 435d xD M Sport50.44.714742£48,985Auto: add £1675, M Sport: add £1350 to Sport, xDrive: add £1800 to 420i, add £1500 to 420d/430d, Competition Pack: add £3000 to M4, Gran Coupe: same as Coupe, Convertible: add £4200-£58808 Series Coupe – 4843x1902mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A4.4 V8TT (530) auto M850i xDrive22.43.724050£100,0453.0 (320) auto 840d xDrive46.34.916050£76,270i8 – 4689x1942mm, EURO-NCAP N/ADRIVER POWER POS: N/A1.5 TT/eDrive (275kW) at Coupe156.94.44250£112,7301.5 TT/eDriv (275kW) at Roadster141.24.44650£124,730

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