New Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO unveiled

Ferrari has launched a revised version of its 488 one-make racer, with improved aerodynamics and a reworked chassis

Ferrari has released an updated version of the 488 Challenge, with a range of aerodynamic and chassis upgrades. It was unveiled alongside the new 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 racer at a dedicated event at Mugello Circuit in Italy and is designed for use in the Italian brand’s own one-make racing series. 

Ferrari has introduced a series of aerodynamic revisions including a complete redesign of the 488 Challenge’s front end with reprofiled radiator grilles, a new splitter, reworked canards and a U-shaped air intake which feeds air to the racer’s brakes. Ferrari claims these upgrades alone offer a 30 per cent increase in aerodynamic efficiency over the current 488 Challenge.

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The Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO’s flanks have also been reworked, with a new small spoiler under the car’s wing mirrors designed to channel air towards the car’s intercooler intakes. At the rear, there’s a new bumper with vents behind the wheel arches and engine bay; Ferrari says this extracts turbulent air from under the vehicle and increases downforce.

Ferrari has also fitted a new rear spoiler, a reworked rear diffuser and a fresh pair of rear canards. In total, the Italian brand’s aerodynamic revisions have brought a claimed 50 per cent increase in downforce over the 488 Challenge EVO’s predecessor.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO features an uprated electronic differential, a revised traction control system, a four-channel selectable anti-lock braking system and a set of wider 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in stickier Pirelli Tyres. Ferrari also claims that the car’s uprated carbon ceramic brakes are less prone to wear.

Inside, the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO features a new steering wheel inspired by that fitted to the La-Ferrari-derived, track-only FXX-K EVO. In response to customer feedback, Ferrari has also fitted a new rear-view camera lifted from the Ferrari 488 GTE racer.

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