New hybrid Ferrari supercar teased ahead of tomorrow’s reveal

New "top-of-the-line" hybrid Ferrari to be revealed in Italy on Wednesday – one of five new Ferraris in 2019

A new Ferrari will be revealed tomorrow, it has been confirmed, and it’s expected to feature a hybrid drivetrain nearing 1,000bhp.

The teaser image above confirming tomorrow’s debut was shared on official Ferrari social media accounts over the weekend. It’s hardly revealing, possibly hinting at the rear end of the new model described earlier in the month as a “top-of-the-line” supercar. 

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Speaking during the brand’s Q1 2019 earnings, Ferrari chairman and chief executive Louis Camilleri confirmed that a debut of the new model with “supercar performance” will take place at the end of May. 

It will be the second of five new Ferraris we’ll get to see this calendar year, following the debut of the new F8 Tributo at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, where Auto Express first learnt of Ferrari’s 2019 hybrid plans.

Company bosses confirmed the information at a private conference behind their Geneva stand. It isn’t clear whether the hybrid would use six or eight cyclinder, but it’s likely to boast more power and torque (upwards of 710bhp and 770Nm) than the Tributo.

The team also announced that they were working on a V6 model. “It will be a complete new position; a new segment,” bosses added. “The V6 helps us offer a different approach and allows us to father a larger family without losing performance.”

It isn’t clear what form the other three models will take, but an F8 Spider is almost guaranteed. Given the shortened three-year lifecycle of the outgoing 488 GTB, there’s a chance Ferrari will also look to update the GTC4Lusso and GTC4Lusso T, which have been on sale since 2016 and 2017 respectively. 

Elsewhere, the company appears to be on track to reveal its first ever SUV, though it’s unlikely to break cover before 2022. It’ll form part of plans to unveil 15 new Ferraris in the next five years. Ferrari CEO Louis C. Camilleri said: “We announced it’ll launch in 2022, and that hasn’t changed. 

“We are not concerned about being late,” he said. “We are concerned about being the best.”

This fits with rumours that Ferrari will look to steal the ‘world’s fastest SUV’ crown from Bentley, which recently pinched the trophy from sister company Lamborghini – with the 626bhp Bentayga Speed.

It’s possible Ferrari may reassess its product range, however, in an effort to “clean” its portfolio. While bosses wouldn’t speculate on whether any models were facing the axe, anything that doesn’t fit with the ethos of the brand could face greater scrutiny in the future.

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