New Mazda MX-30 electric car leaked ahead of Tokyo launch

An image of Mazda’s MX-30 electric vehicle has been leaked, revealing its styling in full ahead of its Tokyo Motor Show debut

Mazda’s all-electric concept for the Tokyo Motor Show appears to have leaked in print media ahead of its official debut. Japanese websites have printed a single image of vehicle called the MX-30 – a crossover that is pictured plugged into a charging point.

The car’s profile and its application would tally with Mazda’s teased information on its Tokyo show car, which is expected to be the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle. The article states that the vehicle has a relatively modest battery size of 35.5kWh, and that its electric motor output is 138bhp and 265Nm – figures which also match our previous estimates.

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The single leaked image also backs up Mazda’s pre-launch claim that the car will have a novel door treatment. The slim rear door would suggest that that are rear-hinged – a mechanism that Mazda has used before, on its RX-8 sports car.

There’s no word yet on final dimensions of the car, although it’s expected to be similar in length to Mazda’s existing CX-30 crossover. Mazda is also yet to confirm whether the production model will use the MX-30 name too, although the company applied to register the moniker with global patent offices back in July.

We expect the production-ready electric vehicle will feature a similar powertrain and battery pack to the Mazda e-TPV prototype SUV, which we drove in September this year. Should the new EV feature the same-sized battery pack as the test car, it will have a range of between 120 and 150 miles.

This would give the Mazda’s production-ready all-electric SUV a considerably smaller range than its main future rival, the Hyundai Kona Electric, which can cover up to 279 miles on a single charge. However, Mazda says that up to 95 per cent of its target market drive less than 60 miles per day.

Like the prototype, the production-ready Mazda EV will offer support for both 6.6kW domestic charging and 50kW commercially available rapid charging. For drivers in need of additional range, Mazda says it’s developing a rotary petrol-powered range-extender version which will double the overall driving range – although its production is yet to be confirmed.

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