New NIO EC6 electric SUV launched with up to 382 miles of range

The NIO EC6 is a compact coupe-SUV designed to rival the Tesla Model Y, and is the Chinese brand's third production model

Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO has unveiled its third production model. Called the NIO EC6, it’s a compact all-electric coupe-SUV, tasked with rivalling the likes of the Tesla Model Y, Hyundai Kona Electric and MG ZS EV. It’s available to pre-order in China now, with European sales information expected in the coming months.

Like the rest of the company’s production vehicles, the EC6 is powered by two electric motors with one mounted on each axle. Thus far NIO has confirmed it will offer two powertrain variants – an entry-level model (dubbed “Sporty”) and a flagship version (called “Performance”).

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The base-model EC6 Sporty comes with a pair of 160kW permanent-magnet motors, which offer a combined output upwards of 400bhp and a 0–62mph time of 5.6 seconds. It comes with a 70kWh lithium-ion battery pack as standard, which provides a claimed range of 425km (264 miles).

NIO’s range-topping EC6 Performance boasts a 160kW permanent-magnet motor on its front axle and a more powerful 240kW induction motor on its rear axle, which produce more than 500bhp combined and offer a 0–62mph time of 4.7 seconds. The same 70kWh lithium-ion battery pack comes as standard, offering a maximum claimed range of 435km (270 miles)

NIO will also offer an optional 100kWh battery pack on both models, which will give the base-model EC6 Sporty a claimed NEDC range of 605km (376 miles) and the flagship EC6 Performance a maximum range of 615km (382 miles).

During the EC6’s launch event William Li, NIO’s CEO, confirmed a handful of the EC6’s specifications. It has a drag coefficient of 0.27, which is low for a car of its shape and height. It will also be available with a thermally efficient 2.1m2 panoramic glass roof which shields the car’s occupants from 85 percent of the sun’s heat and 99.5 percent of it UV radiation.

Pricing information and a full specification for the EC6 will be announced in July 2020, with first deliveries expected to arrive in September. However, prospective buyers can pre-order their NIO EC6’s now, using the company’s smartphone application, with a deposit of 2,000 Chinese Yuan (around £220).

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