Nissan launches 4×4 e-4ORCE electric powertrain at CES

The more potent all-wheel-drive electric powertrain was showcased in the brand’s Ariya Concept SUV and a Nissan Leaf test vehicle

Nissan unveiled its new twin-motor all-electric drivetrain at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Called e-4ORCE, it’s the Japanese brand’s first commercially available all-wheel-drive electric powertrain, which is expected to appear on a forthcoming production version of the Ariya Concept SUV.

The e-4ORCE system draws on knowledge gained from the development of the Nissan GT-R’s track-focussed torque splitting drivetrain and the Nissan Patrol’s off-road-focussed intelligent four-wheel-drive system. It also features a regenerative braking system across both electric motors, which Nissan says reduces pitch and dive under deceleration, contributing to a better ride quality and improved passenger comfort.

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Takai Asami, Nissan’s Senior Vice President of Research, said: “The e-4ORCE twin-motor all-wheel control technology offers precise handling and stability, giving greater confidence and enabling excellent cornering performance and traction on slippery surfaces – as well as a comfortable ride for all passengers.”

Performance details for the e-4FORCE system are yet to be announced. However, back in Autumn 2019, Nissan previewed the new electric powertrain with a Leaf e+ development mule which delivered a maximum output of 304bhp and 680Nm of torque. It sported the same regenerative braking system and a pseudo-torque-vectoring system which independently brakes each of the car’s four wheels when cornering to maximise grip.

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