Nokian Weatherproof

Overall score: 97.8%Nokian Weatherproof

Back in 2015, the Weatherproof romped all the snow tests, struggled in the dry and did well enough in the wet to be a top performer on its debut. The opposition has improved since then, and this time Nokian took one win in the snow and was at or close to the bottom in the other tests.

It’s not what we expect from the winter specialist. But there seems to have been a shift of focus for the Finnish producer as, yet again, it proved the most frugal – a result it has taken for the past few winter and all-season tests.

Despite this, its wet performance has remained good, particularly in the deep water aquaplaning tests. It was a little off the pace on the wet circuit, lacking steering bite beyond the initial turn-in, and also struggling to match some rivals’ traction.

We say: “Manages to combine wet performance with top fuel economy.” say: “Decent labelling scores and slightly lower prices make it a popular tyre, with customers often rating the Nokian highly on value for money.”

ResultsSnow braking100%1stSnow traction90.8%6thSnow circle95.9%6thSnow handling96.9%6thStraight aquaplaning99.2%4thCurved aquaplaning100%3rdWet braking95.9%1stWet handling96.6%3rdWet circle96.6%4thDry braking89%5thDry handling96.8%6thRolling resistance100%1stCabin noise99.6%=4thPrice£101.51 Previous: 3. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 Next: 5. Falken Euro All Season AS200

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