Online shopping taken to a whole new level!

Just when you thought you can buy almost everything online, here is a another thing that you never knew can be bought on the Internet, cars. You no longer have to spend days and days with car dealers in order to purchase your dream car. Start today and go to Carvoy to buy a car online.

How Carvoy works?

With Carvoy, you can build your dream car on your own step by step. First, go to the front page of Carvoy. Using the easy-to-use filters of monthly payment, body type, makes, models, trims, options and package, transmission, drive wheels and exterior color, you can pick out a car you like according to your budget. After that, you can further customize it into a car of your own taste with alterations of the color, interior design and additional packages. After building your dream car, Carvoy would send out the request to their extensive car dealership network to come up with the best three offers available on the market with variations of sales tax, acquisition fees and signing for you to choose from. All the dealership Carvoy works with are certified so you do not have to worry about the safety and security of your purchase. Once you made up your mind and selected an offer, you can submit your bank details, residential details and driver’s license to Carvoy so that they can generate an application to the lienholder and the leasing provide for approval. Then, you have to submit your VIN number of your purchased vehicle and the approved application from the bank to your insurance service provider. Upload the insurance documents and binder to our website. Now, you are all set to get your dream car directly delivered to your front door.

What is so good about Carvoy?

Carvoy does not just let you buy a car online. It aims at providing an efficient and transparent for car buyers everywhere. Throughout the leasing process, all the payment, numbers and data are clearly presented to customers, therefore, customers do not have to worry about any possible hidden costs or an overpriced offer. Unlike other online car buying platforms, Carvoy guides you through the entire leasing process from finding and building your car, to delivering it to you. Since it has a partnership network with a wide range of car dealerships, so you do not have to worry about getting “fake cars” as you might when you are shopping on other online car selling platforms.  It also provides a 24-hour customer service so that you can contact them if you have any enquiries concerning the payment process. Carvoy aims at opening a new chapter in car purchase, especially online car purchase.

If you are looking for purchasing a car online, but you are tired with all the fuss and troubles to get one, you might consider using Carvoy to buy a car online. That would definitely save your time and effort spent at car dealerships comparing prices so that you can spend more time with your dream car.

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