Five Cars That Are Cheap To Insure

I’ve made no bones about my passion – and that tends to be fast cars.  You may have even gotten a little sick of hearing Lamborghini this or Aston Martin that.  You’ll no doubt be shouting at the screen – much as many do with Top Gear – and saying ‘where are the normal car reviews?’

Well, I’m not about to review the new Kia Picanto for you (even if it is a good car).  Well, I will if I get an invite to test-drive it.  In the Continue reading “Five Cars That Are Cheap To Insure”

The Top F1 drivers of all time.

This top one hundred may raise a few eyebrows; one because Sir Stirling Moss has been named number one and the great Michael Schumacher has been placed outside of the top ten. This is because in he deals with the Ferrari F1 Team, many people claim that he demanded seniority over other drivers.

Felipe Massa Racing

Clearly Michael Schumacher is the number one F1 driver as he won 91 Grand Prix, while the top four of Moss, Clark, Senna and Prost only won 133 Grand Prix between them! Continue reading “The Top F1 drivers of all time.”

Vauxhall Hit by renewed faulty handbrake alarm

Vauxhall has been hit by fresh claims that it is producing cars with faulty handbrakes and its vehicles have the capacity to roll away when parked.

A Report by the BBC’s watchdog programme said owners of the latest Vauxhall Corsa with a D Model variant, which is less that a year old, had reported instances of their car rolling away after being left stationary with the handbrake on, similar to other models earlier last year.

Complaints to the programme have now reached triple Continue reading “Vauxhall Hit by renewed faulty handbrake alarm”

Water & Flood Driving Advice

It is likely through the winter months that you will encounter some flood water, either as large puddles on the road, or where a river/stream has burst its banks.

Take a different route where possible.

Never drive through flood water when you cannot see the ground under the water. It could be far deeper than you imagine, and if it is a river in flood there is a danger you and your vehicle could be swept away.