Performance Racing Industry Trade Show 2019

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show 2019 was held in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indiana Convention Center from December 12th-14th, 2019.  If you are into drag racing, monster trucks, go karts, open wheel, road racing, motorcycles, or anything racing related, this is the place that you want to be!

The show brings in buyers from all around the US and the world along with 1,100 exhibiting companies with over 3,300 booths! Most of the booths show the new technology that will completely change the racing world itself, it’s an amazing opporunity to see what is coming next!

The vendor booths had a wide array of products that they had brought to the show, safety equipment, tools, speed components, event locations, welding equipment, fabrication equipment, machining equipment and much more.  Every corner you turned there was something that was bound to catch your eye!

A show this big is bound to bring in some of the biggest names in this industry.  Many of the member from Street Outlaws came out to the Perforamnce Racing Industry Trade Show 2019 including: Jeff Lutz, Daddy Dave, Ryan Martin, Sean “Murder Nova ” Ellington, Farmtruck, AZN, Justin ” Big Chief” Shearer, James ” Doc ” Love, Kamikaze Chris, and Chris ” Boosted GT ” Hamilton.

You could also see NASCAR legend Richard Petty, for many it was an aboslute honor to see him at the show!  You could also see Mike Fennigan,  Hot Rod Builder Tim Strange, 4 Wheel Builder Ian Johnson, and  Fabrication Expert Jammy Jordan.

The show had so much to offer that two days didnt seem like nearly enough time!  We cannot wait to see what their 2020 show has to offer!

The Performance Racing Industry Trade Show 2019 is held every December, if you are apart of the racing community and work in the field, make sure to head out to their next show!

Photos by: Todd Atkins

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