Pirelli P Zero review

Good in wet and dry, but work needs to be done on aquaplaning and fuel economy

If you’re haunted by that moment when the motorway traffic in front of you concertinas and brake lights flare, then the P Zero is the tyre to be on, as it nailed our wet and dry braking tests.

While Michelin came closest across the two surfaces, the Pirelli had the edge. Continental was 30cm off in the wet, but needed a metre more to stop in the dry. A great performance, although as we’ve seen before, the test winner needs to get good results across all the disciplines.

And the P Zero was close with a fourth in dry handling, where it felt quick and was just a tenth or two off the winning Michelin. It felt good, too, without the softness of some rivals and strong grip on the throttle through the long turns. It felt even better in the wet, with sharp turn-in grip lasting longer than most competitors’.

The high front grip allows you to stay on the throttle longer and get back on it earlier. Despite this, there was no rear movement. It’s no surprise that this was backed up by a close third place in the wet circle.

But from here the results drop off, particularly in the deeper water of the aquaplaning tests where the main factor in grip switches from compound to the tread pattern. Here the P Zero struggled. Perhaps a bigger concern is the rolling resistance result, which was not just a long way off the brilliant Bridgestone, but also the chasing pack. Not what we would expect from a relatively new tyre.

Blackcircles.com says…

“Despite its lower rolling resistance scores, the Pirelli is consistently popular with customers, who praise the grip and braking performance.”

FiguresPirelli P ZeroOverall99.30%=5thPrice£103.86Dry handling99.60%4thDry braking100%1stWet handling99.40%2ndWet braking100%1stWet cornering98.50%3rdStraight aquaplaning97.10%8thCurved aquaplaning84.70%10thRolling resistance74.50%10thCabin noise98.00%5th Previous: =5. Falken Azenis FK510 Next: 7. Bridgestone Turanza T005

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