‘Polestar: the first of many new brands coming soon’

Polestar is just one of the new electric-only brands set to change the automotive landscape, says editor-in-chief Steve Fowler

Firstly, let me start with a word of thanks to you. At this time every year, we publish our official sales figures – just as the car industry does. The magazine ABCs let you know which titles are doing well, and which aren’t. This year was a particularly good one for Auto Express in what is, let’s face it, a challenging market. 

We proud to say that we’re still Britain’s biggest-selling weekly car magazine, and by a bigger margin than before. That’s down to you. We’re hugely grateful for your ongoing support and will continue to ensure we’re the best at what we do – for you. As always, please do keep the feedback coming.

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One thing we’re often getting comments on is the coverage we give to electric cars. With our focus on the latest news, we’re just reacting to what’s happening in the industry. And as our government is insisting, it’s the way we’ve got to go, whether we like it or not.

This week’s cover star is from a new brand that sits under the Volvo umbrella. Only last week I was over in Sweden talking about, amongst other things, electrification. I spotted a few Polestar models being driven around and they look sensational. Now we’re able to bring you our first-drive verdict on the brand’s new Polestar 2 – a rival for Tesla’s big-selling Model 3.

After the launch of the hybrid Polestar 1, the new Swedish/Chinese brand has committed to being fully electric. And there will be plenty more new brands gracing the pages of Auto Express in the coming weeks and months, all with electrification at their core.

But rest assured, we still very much have petrol (and diesel) in our veins. As I write this, I’m about to go and drive a couple of BMW’s latest M models – more about them in a couple of weeks. In spite of the performance brand also talking about electrification – like everyone else, it has to – it’s also clear that petrol V8 power still has its place. And it will always have its place at Auto Express.

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