Renault Megane – best hatchbacks 2018

The fourth-generation Renault Megane is a big improvement over its predecessor

The fourth generation Renault Megane, which arrived in 2016, is a serious contender in the hatchback class. It blends practicality, space, efficiency and comfort in a quality package.

The car boasts a selection of familiar petrol and diesel engines, a wide-range of trim levels and looks good, with the brand’s distinctive diamond logo flanked by a pair of headlamps and the now-recognisable C-shaped LED running lights. The rear has eye-catching LED tail-lamps running almost the whole width of the bootlid.

Inside, the dash is modern and clutter free, while the 8.7-inch R-Link 2 Infotainment screen (an optional extra) groups together the sat-nav, driving modes and stereo controls in one clear display. 

It’s behind the wheel where the Megane is most attractive though as even a short drive is enough to know the Renault engineers have focused on comfort and refinement. The car rides well, noise levels are low and the range of engines offer impressive power delivery – although lower-powered models can feel a little lethargic at lower revs. All in all the Megane is an impressive addition to this list and definitely worth considering.

Best hatchbacks to buy now

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  • 5. Renault Megane
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  • 7. SEAT Leon
  • 8. Peugeot 308
  • 9. Mazda 3
  • 10. Audi A3
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