Safe and Sound: A Short Guide To Your Car’s Safety Features

A car safety feature refers to any device designed and installed in a vehicle to mitigate or prevent road accidents. Almost all new cars being sold nowadays provide a pretty high standard in regards to safety performance. An extensive collection of standard safety features are being delivered with the new models and the older ones as well, playing a significant role in protecting the driver and the passengers. However, knowing the type of safety features included in your new car can be quite challenging.

As manufacturers rapidly continue to incorporate new technology into their current vehicles, the number of acronyms and names in the industry grows as well. To get genuine accessories for a safe ride look for accredited dealers like DigMyRide, with many years of experience in car accessories. These suppliers will provide you with unique safety accessories that will spice up your vehicle and also give you a revolutionized driving experience. In this post, we will highlight various car safety features and how they protect you as you drive.

Seat Belt Reminder

A seatbelt reminder is a simple but useful device that is becoming pretty common in the latest family cars. This feature can detect when a driver or a passenger in a car has not fastened their seatbelts, and it gives a clear and visible reminder.

Electronic braking limitation

It is a break technology that manages the different braking pressures between each wheel of your car. That will help in reducing speed at the same time give you maximum control of the car oversteering. The electronic braking limitation always comes together with anti-lock brakes.

Traction control system

Traction control, also called Anti-Slip Regulation at times, is a device that adjusts the output of the engine if a loss of control gets detected. It can detect when oversteer or understeer is about to happen to a vehicle while being driven. This device can minimize the amount of rotation force being sent to the individual wheels to reduce these effects and also secure full control to the car driver.

Collision avoidance system

The collision avoidance system is among the latest vehicle safety features and alludes to the popular braking technology developed to prevent low-speed collisions or at least minimize their severity. It usually relies on the radar-based sensors mounted at the front of the vehicle and can detect an impending impact with an object or another car. In reaction, the vehicle will automatically activate the brakes for you.

Lane departure warning device

When your vehicle is on the road without using its indicators, the Lane Departure Warning System will inform you when it is drifting off its lane. The car utilizes the radar sensors located on the side of your car to do this. These sensors will detect when the car is crossing a white lane and will alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel or with an alarm noise.

These highlighted car safety features are typically considered primary or active safety features, whereas others might be considered secondary or passive safety features. However, each of them is essential since they are all designed to protect you and other passengers during a car accident. Don’t overlook car safety features when you are comparing different models. Although most of them are now standard on the new vehicles, these features are worth checking out if you are purchasing an older car.

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