Safest Garage Doors To Keep Your Car Secured

Many homeowners leave the garage door opener in the car for convenience, and most burglars know this. Burglars can easily get into the car and use the garage door opener. Here are the safest ways to keep your car and other belongings secured in your garage. 

Secure the garage door

Make sure to buy smart garage door opener to secure your garage and keep the opener with you at all times. Many newer garage door opener models have smart technology allowing you to test with the smartphone application whether the door is open or closed. You can also buy a stand-alone garage door monitor to keep an eye on your door. 

Also, make sure the emergency release of the door is accessible from the outside. Thieves are known to use wire hangers to open garage doors from the outside, so secure your release cables with zippers. 

Install a security door lock on the door and floor, which is a more durable solution that complements a good solid door handle. Use a portable door locking device on a closed-door to prevent it from opening. 

Use door connecting bolt

If the garage is connected to the house, the door must be protected like an external door: correctly mount the bolt and make sure that all these additional doors or windows are always closed. 

One of the easiest ways to break into a garage burglar is to use an emergency unlock on the door opener. The burglar can open the garage door, hang the hook on a wire hanger and open the door in less than a minute. 

It is best to use a device that has been specifically designed to protect your emergency release. Garage Protection, Garage Shield, and Garage Door Armor are three common options.

Install a viewfinder or camera with sufficient lighting in the interior door

Install one or two motion sensors on the garage door to reduce the chance of breaking into the garage at night.  When someone approaches your driveway and garage door, the lighting that turns on is practical for you and provides extra safety when someone sneaks out.

Most burglars are not particularly interested in doing work in bright light. But if someone enters the garage, they will have trouble entering the house, if the door has a good bolt lock. 

Many garage doors have an external security keypad with which you can open the garage door with a code. Think of this door as all external entrance doors in your home and secure them properly. 

Close the garage windows

Before going to work or vacation, the first thing you should do, like the garage door, is to close the garage windows.  After closing the windows, after installing the monitoring cameras, you can put a sticker on the garage windows saying that your bicycle or garage is protected by monitoring cameras. 

Fear of being shot is often enough to stop burglars from aiming at the garage. Between the garage door windows, side windows and the garage service outside the window, thieves can take a good look at your garage in different ways. 

Take this into account when choosing new windows for one of these parts of the garage. Full window covering is an option or you can install blinds or curtains specially designed for use in the garage. If you want to let sunlight into the garage, you can put transparent films on the garage windows.  

Lastly, always check is checking the condition of the garage door

Never replace the springs on the garage door as it is dangerous. If you already have a home alarm system, make sure your garage door is connected to the system.  Make sure to install a garage door security sensor that supports your current system. The garage door sensor indicates if someone has tampered with the garage door on the security panel. 

Leaving garage doors unnecessarily open is an open invitation for anyone to enter the house. Even if you live in a safe place, don’t take anything for granted. 


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