Safety Tips for the Motorcycle Rider During the Summer

Riding your motorcycle is one of the best outdoor adventures one can enjoy. It feels like pure freedom. That being said, there are precautions that need to be in place when riding no matter where you live. Weather conditions can catch anyone off guard and you really have to be prepared. Think about where you ride and for how long. This can often determine what you need to bring with you or should have on a daily basis. Riding in hot weather needs extra preparation as well. Here are some safety tips for the motorcycle safety rider during the summer.


Every time you leave your home, a gallon or so of water should follow. Riding a motorcycle safety in the summer heat can cause heat exhaustion and more. You don’t want to find yourself passing out where you may have to call a Utah motorcycle accident lawyer. You need to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Most riders are going to have all of their gear on from head to toe. There has to be something to cool you off if you are sweating. Technology has brought us some helpful water containers that can allow us to drive and sip as we go.

Stop and Start Times

It might be a good idea to get ahead of the upcoming sun and start early. Try to plan your day so you know exactly where you are going. A good plan should have all of the spots where you can stop and get some shade as well. Riding a regular route should give you the opportunity to pay attention to areas that you know that you can stop at to rest and get some food. Summer months are not too nice to those riding in the heat. It can feel like a desert. You also want to stop anytime you feel overheated. Give yourself a break from the heat so you don’t faint while riding. It’s not a good thing to continue for hours in the heat riding on the road.

No Caffeine

Caffeine might sound good to wake you up for a ride, but it can create more problems in the end. It’s known to make you extremely thirsty. While on a long ride, this could be a problem. A power drink seems like a good idea, but it can also soak up your water supply because you will be looking to quench your thirst. Rides that are short and not extended should be okay. Anything beyond that while sipping caffeine will demand more water intake.


It’s tempting, especially during the summer months, to wear something cool like a t-shirt and shorts. It sounds fun, but you still need to wear some kind of protective clothing. Arms and legs should be covered in case of any accident that might occur. There are new kinds of clothes being made for motorcycle riders that allow the material to have some kind of breathing room. Choose what to wear wisely and don’t overdo it to where you are uncomfortable in your rides.

Summer months, no doubt, are a great time to ride a motorcycle safety. However, before you hop on that bike, that are a few things you need to do and have with you. The first would be water in a container or inside a bag you can access while driving down the road. Hot weather makes us extremely dehydrated and we must continue to have water with us to replenish at every attempt. When leaving the house, have a plan where you are going to go. Start as early as you can to get ahead of the upcoming heat for the day. Try to stop early as well so you are not on the road too long during the day. It’s a wise thing to ditch the caffeine before a ride as it will only make you seriously thirsty. Wear the right clothes and make sure all skin is covered. They can be loose clothes, but they need to have some kind of protection to them for all areas of your body.

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