Scr8pfest 2019

Scr8pfest 2019 was held at Newton, North Carolina at the American Legion Fairgrounds from September 18-19, 2019. If you are looking for a car show that is full of that good-old car show vibes, then Scr8pfest 2019 is exactly what you are needing! The show welcomes all rides; Customs, Classic, Lowriders, Chevy’s, Ford’s, and everything in between!

If you were wanting to attend the show but not wanting to make the long drive a few days before, you could come early and pay to camp on the grounds or even bring an RV and camp there!  Camping was $20 unless you were showing your ride which it was then $10.  Bringing your RV only cost your $30!  Who wouldn’t want to make the memory of waking up just to walk out the door and see all the custom rides?

This year, as they have many years in the past, the proceeds from Scr8pfest 2019 went towards Levine Children Hospital to support those who are needing assistance during their hard time.

The American Legion Fairgrounds had the perfect paved route for the rides that attended to cruise throughout the day along with loads of grassy spots for you to park your ride.  Vendors were lined up along side the paved route, you could find pinstriping, parts, shops, food, apparel and everything in between.

On the opposite side of the show, you could follow the sound and find the audio area doing demo’s and competing in the 4 classes that were available through Carolina Bass Outlaws.  The four classes available were Wall, No Wall, Budget Build, and Street Battles.

Awards were given out to the Top 50 rides that were picked by judges along with some specialty awards.  Congratulations to all owners and rides that took home an award!

You’ll want to make sure you make it out to their 2020 show on September 18-19, 2020!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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