Selling A Used Cars and How to Get Rid of It

You’ve got a car that’s been good to you for the past decade, but sadly, it’s on its last leg. It breaks down every few weeks and it seems like you’re in the repair shop more than you’re on the road. You’ve come to the decision that you want to try and get rid of your junk car and you’d like to make a bit of cash in the process. So, you try your hand at advertising your vehicle online to sell it to the highest private buyer. The only problem is, it’s been weeks and you haven’t gotten a reasonable offer yet, not to mention countless calls and emails from so-called interested buyers who arrange to take a look but either cancel last minute or never show.


What’s the Problem?

You stop short of calling your car a piece of junk because it meant something to you. It’s been reliable up until now, and you believe if someone were willing to invest some time and money into it, they could get a few more years out of it. The problem is, private buyers generally aren’t interested in purchasing a used car that they have to put lots of work into. They, like you, are looking for a vehicle that requires little upfront money and is reliable. So, when you’re advertising a car with a ton of problems, it isn’t very interesting to private buyers.

What Can You Do?

If you’ve been trying to sell your junk car online for weeks with not so much as one offer you may need to consider some options. There are a few tricks of the trade you could try before throwing in the towel. The first tip would be to try lowering the price of your car. If buyers don’t have to pay you so much, they can afford the repairs that are required. Another option would be to highlight the perks of the car. Perhaps it needs a new transmission but has new brakes and hoses on it. Review your advertisement to be sure that you’ve painted the vehicle in a positive light. Lastly, you could accept the best offer. Set the price lower than market value and encourage buyers to bid on it.

Is There Anything Else?

If you try the tricks listed above and still aren’t getting any offers for your junk car, there is one more option you can consider. Look for auto recyclers or used car buyers. Companies like Car Sold for Cash will often pay car owners several hundred or possibly thousands for their junk cars, depending on the make, model, and year. Unlike selling your car via online classifieds and similar means, this process is straightforward and by-the-book.

How to Get Paid for Your Car

Used car buyers starting to sound like the most efficient option for getting rid of that car and earning some cash in the process? While processes will vary by company, it is generally pretty self-explanatory. You reach out to receive a quote providing as many details as you can about your car. They will use this information and determine how much your car is worth. If you agree to the amount, you can bring the car to them or some will come to you and tow the vehicle away for free. If all pans out, you receive cash in hand and your used car is no longer your problem. Even if your car won’t start or is in bad shape, they can offer you a rate based on your vehicle’s weight in scrap metal. It may only be a few hundred bucks, but it’s more than you have now, and it does take care of that junk car just taking up space.

Getting rid of a used car with some mechanical issues isn’t always as easy as creating an ad on eBay or Craigslist and waiting for the highest bidder to come along. Remember, most private buyers are in the market for cars that will require little investment to drive off in. If your car has significant damage or isn’t getting any hits online, your best and fastest option to get rid of it and make some cash is to sell it to a used car buyer. They will offer you top-dollar for your car, no matter what condition it’s in and tow it away for free. Chances are that’s a lot better than waiting for those traditional methods of selling a used car to work.

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