SEMA 2018 2WD Trucks

SEMA 2018 2WD Trucks

This year the SEMA 2018 2WD trucks brought their best game this year! It seems that the owners of the rides took them home and either redid their ride all over or decided to bring a new one into the show. These 2WD trucks are not like any other, these trucks have been lifted, lowered, painted, wrapped, and so much more.  There was no way that we could go through SEMA without stopping at each 2WD truck and being in awe!

Last year we had written about Ken Blocks 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2, and this mustang was a MONSTER. This year, Ken Block took it up to a whole new level and built the Ford F150 Hoonitruck.  This Ford is bigger, better, and more powerful that the Hoonicorn and there was never not a crowd around this truck, this thing is CRAZY.  This truck is powered by a custom-tuned Ford Performance V6 EcoBoost engine.  Its got 914 BHP and 702 ft lb of torque at 6450rpm.  This ride looks and sounds like nothing we have ever seen or heard before.  Check out a closer look of the Hoonitruck below.

We have gone to SEMA for many years, and we always strive to make sure that you receive the best coverage! The 2WD trucks had raised the bar higher than ever before and we made sure to get pictures of every ride that we could! Whether it was a 4×4, Semi, Motorcycle, 2WD, or car, all the rides that attended SEMA 2018 were out of this world and we cannot wait to see whats in store for 2019!

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Looking for more information on SEMA?  Check out their website.  Information for the 2019 show is up and running!

Photos by: Chris Gosda, Erod, and Chromey

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