SEMA 2018 Bikes

SEMA 2018 Bikes

SEMA 2018 Bikes brought it up to a whole new level! SEMA has always been known for showing large amounts of vehicles that range from 4×4 to custom cars, but SEMA makes sure that every year that dedicate a special spot to those who are given the opportunity to show the hard work that they have done of these motorcycles.  This year, there were new things added to the motorcycle world at SEMA and we cannot wait to show you!

Tron Bike cruising around at the end of the show

Tron Bike featured in the Vision Wheels booth

If you are a fan of Tron, then you know exactly why this bike is AMAZING!  Even if you aren’t a fan, how could you not be amazed by this bike?! The Tron motorcycle is meant to look sleek with a streamlined frame, and this builder pulled that off! Could you imagine seeing this bike driving by you on the highway?

It is always an amazing scene each year seeing what builders are able to bring the field for motorcycles, and they really outdid themselves this year! The builders continue to bring it something new and unique and we never know what they will be doing next, congratulations on an amazing year builders!

Ever year, SEMA is held in Las Vegas, NV and people who have put a lot of hard work and dedication into their vehicles get invited to come and show that vehicle.  The show brings in builders, media, and domestic and international buyers!  We have gone to SEMA for many years and will continue just to get the amazing coverage for you!

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Wanting more information on SEMA 2018?  Check out their website with information for next years show!

Photos by: Chris and Erod

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