SEMA 2018 Celebrities

SEMA 2018 Celebrities

At SEMA, it is never unusual to see some very familiar faces whether it be from your favorite television show to your favorite vehicle.  This year, we were able to get some pictures of not only the rides and models, but also some of the celebrities that attended!

Dennis Gage signing autographs at SEMA 2018!

Dennis Gage is the host of “My Classic Car,” which has been running on television since 1997, almost 21 years!  He is known for his catchphrase “honor the timeless classics,” which shows his love for classic cars! Dennis Gage travels all across North America to visit auto shows and events, checking out everything from muscle cars to special museum pieces.

Dennis is also well known for his handlebar mustache, who could not love that! Dennis Gage also came out to our car show, Slamology.  You can check out that coverage below!

That’s right! Jay Leno was also seen at SEMA 2018!

Jay Leno is well known for his American late-night television show, The Jay Leno Show.  After retiring in 2014, he started a TV show for one of his favorite passions, collecting cars.  “Jay Leno’s Garage,” shows Jay Leno searching for unique rides and the amazing stories behind them.  He explores different aspects of each ride, testing supercars, and checking out the latest innovations which is a great reason he was at SEMA 2018.  Jay Leno has stated before that he looks at cars as art that is “rolling down the highway.”

Danny Koker was also in attendance at SEMA 2018
Mike “Horny” Henry came as well from Counting Cars

Both Danny Koker and Mike “Horny” Henry came as well!  Both are well known for being in the show Counting Cars, which shows the teams ability to restore and customize custom rides. They both also work for the Las Vegas auto shop, Counts Kustoms. When Danny sees a ride that he wants, it’s not unusual for him to do whatever he can to make sure that it’s in his possession. If it has wheels, Counts Kustoms is able to flip that ride and make it something new!






Both Heavy D and Diesel Dave made it out and were seen in the Hornblasters booth!

Diesel Brothers Heavy D and Diesel Dave were seen out in the HornBlasters booth!  Diesel Brothers is a TV Show where Diesel Dave and Heavy D along with their crew work hard and play even harder as they work on diesel lovers truck who are looking for custom builds, crazy stunts, pranks, and hilarious antics!

Barry Meguiar made a show stopping appearance!

Barry Meguiar is very famously known for his car care products, Meguiar’s.  Meguiars passion for car care comes from research, development, and the manufacturing of high quality leading products!  Barry was also the former host of Car Crazy.  Car Crazy should Barry travelling across the country and the world meeting people who share the love for the automotive field.  Although the show does continue on, Barry is no longer the host.

Steve Darnell from TV Show Vegas Rat Rods and from Welder UP

Steve Darnell from Vegas Rat Rods came by and signed autographs along with taking pictures with his friend.  Steve’s show Vegas Rat Rods works with his crew from Welder Up create one-of-a-kind, Max Max-style rat rods.  The team completely uses their imaginations and create a completely unique ride that fits each owner.

Dave Kindig from Kindig It Designs and TV Show Bitchin Rides

Dave Kindig and his team are feature on TV Show Bitchin Rides.  Bitchin Rides shows the team as they go through the process of restoring and rebuilding vehicles for customers.  The team always seems to surprise their fans with each ride!

Grave Digger Drivers Adam Anderson and Krysten Anderson. Son-Uva Digger driver Ryan Anderson

Grave Digger Drive Adam Anderson and Krysten Anderson along with Ryan Anderson were at the MagnaFlow area signing autorgraphs along with pictures.  Grave Digger was originally conceived in 1982 by Dennis Anderson which started as a 1952 red Ford Pickup Truck.  Later on, a Silver and Blue 1951 Ford Panel Truck would become the first Grave Digger Monster Truck.  Although now many people own a version of the Grave Digger and there have also been many drivers, the three Andersons are following in their fathers footsteps (Dennis Anderson) and are driver of the Grave Digger and Ryan Anderson is the driver of the Son-Uva Digger.

Abe Ulbado was spotted in the True Spike Lug Nuts Booth!

Abe Ulbado, AKA Big Abe, has been in many films.  Mostly known for his role in Lumpia 2.  Big Abe is also known for hanging a tire around his neck and his very muscular frame. This year you would have been able to see Big Abe lugging a huge wheel around his neck with a thick chain.  Who all do you know that can do that?!

What an exciting sight! Chip Foose at SEMA 2018!

More than just the star of the TV series Overhaulin’ Chip Foose is one of the biggest people in the automotive field.  Foose Wheels, Foose Art, Foose Vehicle Projects, this man is a master of almost all things.  His Artwork is of another level, looking nothing less than realistic and his projects are always perfection.  How could anyone not be a huge fan of this man?!?

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Photos by: Chris Gosda

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