SEMA 2018 Domestic Cars

SEMA 2018 Domestic Cars

This year SEMA 2018 domestic cars killed it again!  SEMA draws hundreds of domestic cars from all around the world but they also bring in over 60,000 domestic and international buyers! Walking around the show this year, it was not hard to see that the Domestic Cars had raised the bar to a whole new level this year.  Each ride was able to shine in its own spotlight, every attendee had a vehicle that caught their own eye.

Kyle Tucker’s 1969 Chevy Camaro, Winner of the Battle of the Builders

This year, a domestic car won the Battle of the Builders award.  This 1969 Camaro is absolutely beautiful and the amount of work that Kyle Tucker had done really showed off at SEMA.  The Front Sub Frame, Bumpers, Windshield Trim, and Bolt on Drip Rails were all hand made.  The Camaro also had M&M Hot Rod Interiors, Relicate Leather, Billet Steering Wheel, Custom Dash, and Infinity Box Setup.  Congratulations to Kyle Tucker!

Each year, it seems that there is a friendly competition between the domestic and import ride owners.  They work tirelessly each year to make sure that the dream that they had for their ride are built perfectly, many wanting their ride to be showcased in a booth and some wanting to be picked for the Battle of Builders.

We make sure that each year we get the absolute best coverage for you whether it be 4×4’s, trucks, cars, bikes, or miscellaneous.  Don’t miss out on more of the SEMA 2018 coverage that is on its way!

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Interested in more information on SEMA 2018?  Check out their website with information on their 2019 show!

Photos by: Chris and Erod

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