SEMA 2019 Import Cars

SEMA 2019 brought out some imports that completely blew our mind, and we could not wait to come back and share them with you!  Many of the Import cars were built specifically for SEMA 2019, but do you think the Import rides took over the show this year?

Youtube Star Chris, AKA B is for Build, had been working on his Lamborghini Huracan for three months before SEMA.  Through Youtube you were able to watch Chris and his friends work through building the Huracan but until they unveiled the ride at SEMA 2019 no one was able to see the finished product.  The finished ride was hidden under a light gray cover and people were constantly lined around the ride waiting for it to be unveiled!

On November 5th at the Garrett Advancing Motion booth the Huracan was revealed and it was amazing to see the ride completely finished! We recorded the unveiling and you can see it in the video! It was overall amazing to see the unveiling and to meet Chris and his friends as well!  Congrats Chris!

Every corner that you turned there was an import cars that took your breath away.  Talking and looking over each ride was an amazing opportunity and made you even more in awe of the what the builders had done.  If you are a huge lover of import rides, then we know that you will love the hundreds of photos we have below!

It was beyond difficult for all of our staff to not stop staring and admiring many of the SEMA 2019 Import Cars.  We cannot wait to see what the Import Rides of SEMA will bring to the show next year because we do not know what they could possibly do next!

Photos by: Chromey, Erod, and Chris Gosda

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