SEMA 2019 Models

For the past 20 years, Gauge Magazine has traveled to the SEMA show is Las Vegas, NV to see of the most nostalgic and beautiful rides along with new products that will be entering the automotive world. But there is more to the show than just that, there are also some of the most beautiful models in attendance as well! The SEMA 2019 Models added a spark to the show that just make it seem complete!

Our photographers attend the everyday of the show to make sure that they get a picture of EVERY SINGLE ride, but they also make sure to stop and get some shots of the amazing women that are in the manufacturers booths.

SEMA 2019 Models are brought out to these booths to draw attention, pass out literature, sign autographs and take photos with customers on booths feature vehicle and their products.

Each year it seems that the models that attend the show get more beautiful, even if they are brought back year after year! Their continuous smile, amazing build, love for the SEMA Show, and positive attitude push the manufactures brands and SEMA enjoyable for all around!

If you have attended SEMA before, then you know it is always a goal to stop and take a picture with as many of the models as you can!

When walking around the show, you will see almost every passerby stopping and taking a picture with the beautiful models.

If you weren’t able to attend SEMA 2019, we made sure that we got coverage of every inch of SEMA 2019 and in order to do that, we had multiple photographers spread out the entire show!  Thanks to all of our photographers along with the amazing models that add to the SEMA 2019 Show!

Photos by: Chromey, Erod, and Chris Gosda

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