Showoff Showdown 2019

Showoff Showdown 2019 was held at the Diamond Jo Worth Casino in Northwood, Iowa on May 18th, 2019.  The location and date may have changed but this was still the same amazing show that they have every year!

If you were too excited to wait until Saturday for the show, you were able to come out Friday and register your ride, find your spot, and hang out with others who were ready for Showoff Showdown 2019!

Saturday was the day, from 9am-6pm the show was rocking!  With the rain holding back but bringing in a cool breeze, this was the car show weather that everyone had dreamed for!  Twisted Koncepts had set up for a raffle at 3pm with part of the proceeds going to support Pageant of Hope.

Some of the items included in that raffle were custom mail boxes, special baskets filled with food and gifts, a pinstriped mini fridge, a custom toilet seat, and much more! Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle and Pageant of Hope!

In total, $5,000 were donated to Pageant of Hope from the raffle, registrations, and more!  It was amazing to see everyone come together and support the amazing cause!

Awards were given out after the raffle.  Not only were winners given custom trophies, but they were also given cash prizes as well!  Best of show award was given $400, Longest Distance $300, Best Debut $200, Best Paint $200, and new awards given this year were Lucky 7 and Top 21.  These awards were given to the Top 7 of the show and the Top 21.

A specialty award was given from the Pageant of Hope called Hope Pick.

It was an amazing time to not only see everyone come together and enjoy the show, but to also support each other and those at Pageant of Hope.  Showoff Showdown 2019 announced that the show will be returning in 2020 for another show and we cannot wait!

Photos by: Abigail Pelton

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