Slamology 2019 Bikes and Contraptions

Slamology 2019 Bikes and Contraptions

Slamology 2019 was held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, IN June 8-9th, 2019!  Slamology isn’t like many other car shows that bring in only custom cars and trucks, we want to see anything and everything that you have got as long as it is custom!  Between the Bikes and Contraptions that attended Slamology, it was a nice addition to add to our amazing car show!

The bikes that attended Slamology 2019 aren’t like the ones that you see at a Harley Davidson shop and aren’t like most that you see rolling down the street.  The owner of these bikes have been up tireless hours, huge amounts of money, and a load of love for the future image of their motorcycle!  Between custom paint, Air Ride, grpahics, lights and much more, these motorcycles change the game completely!

Many people had taken what was a regular wagon that they had once pulled their children in, to completely custom, pin stripped rides with motors.  There was one contraption at Slamology 2019 that was just an ordinary speaker that had been turned into a motorized, custom speaker that they rode around the show! We always love seeing what people are able to put together to make sure their contraption or ride is one of the most noticeable things at Slamology 2019.

Within the past few years, we have had a few special rides attend our show that aren’t ones you normally see. This year, we had this SICK motorcycle attend our show!  Custom back, wheels. and much more made this ride a show stopper for many!

Thank you all for another amazing year!  See you in 2020!

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Photos by: Gauge Staff

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