Slamology 2019 Car Audio

Slamology 2019 Car Audio
Sponsored by: DD Audio

Slamology 2019 Car Audio is presented by DD Audio.  For the past few years, Slamology has been known as the Worlds Largest Car Audio Competition, and we are proud to have continued on this title for you all! If you are a true audio fan or own an audio build,  then you know that Slamology is the place you want to be!

This year, as every year, we had some big names that are in the Car Audio industry.  Youtube Star Johnathan Price, AKA TheLifeofPrice, came on out to our show and bought an amazing crowd with him!  Bringing out his well known Tahoe, you were also able to buy a Fast Pass in order to come out to the Down 4 Sound booth and get a DEMO in his well known ride!

With clean and clear sound being heard from miles and miles away to some of the most amazing demos, the audio event was kicked up a notch from any year previous!  Attendees were seen enjoying the demo area and loving the new audio builds that they haven’t seen before (or didn’t even know could be done!)

Many of our attendees have seen and heard audio builds from many different events and areas, but with this being the largest audio event in the world, some of the craziest builds came out to Slamology 2019 and created a whole new environment for many!

For all Results of the DB DRAG, USACI, and IASCA, you can find those results on TempPros website!

For the results for MECA, you can find those results on MECA‘s website!

Wanting to see what Slamology 2018 Car Audio brought to the plate?  We have that coverage!

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Photos by: Gauge Staff

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