Slamology 2019 Hydraulics

Slamology 2019 Hydraulics
Presented by: RNL Customs

Slamology 2019 was held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, IN on June 8-9th, 2019!  Hydraulics Contest is sponsored and presented by RNL Customs! Rob at RNL is a 6 time world champion and has been with Slamology for 16 years straight as the hydraulic sponsor.  Each year Rob comes together with the Slamology Staff to make sure that each year is bigger and better than the year before, we cannot thank RNL Customs and Rob enough!

Ranging from mini trucks to classic’s , the hydraulics show is always a huge highlight for Slamology 2019.  The Hydraulic Show is always a family and fan favorite! This part of the show has also been one of our favorite parts as well!  Check out this truck dancing and hopping all around the hydraulics area.  All of the rides that were in the Hydraulic Competition were amazing and we thank you all for coming out!

Spectators were seen and heard from the stands getting full of excitement as they watched not only the rides hop and dance, but the owners getting into it as well!  The Hydraulics Competition at Slamology 2019 isn’t just for adults, the area was also full of kids who were in awe of the rides that were in the hydraulics competition! It was an amazing time all around for those in the competition and those that were watching.  We cannot wait to see what the Hydraulic Competition has in store for Slamology 2020 and many years more!

We cannot thank RNL Customs enough for making the Hydraulic Competition as awesome as it is.  We also cannot thank you all enough for making each year amazing!

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Looking for more information on RNL Customs?  Check out their website!

Photos by: Gauge Staff

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