Slamology 2019 Limbo Contest

Slamology 2019 Limbo Contest
Presented by: Latest Craze

The Slamology 2019 Limbo Contest is one event at Slamology that everyone comes together to enjoy! Each year, Latest Craze comes to Slamology and hosts the Limbo Contest!  The Contest is separated into three categories: Car, Truck, and Contraption.  This event inside of Slamology has always been one of our favorites but also fan favorites as well.  Its a great time to see everyone coming together to cheer on the rides that are competing to be known as the lowest truck, car, or contraption!

For the past five years in a row, Scott Agnew with his 1994 Toyota Pickup, AKA Loyota, has won lowest truck.  Agnew has decided to hang up the trophies and allow for those competing in 2020 to take their turn at winning the award!  Congratulations Scott for winning 5 years in a row!

Lowest Car Award went to Errol Garcia and his 1999 Honda Civic SI.  Congratulations Errol on winning with your lowered Honda!

This year, there were no contraptions that entered the Limbo Contest!  If you have a custom contraption that you are ready to show off and win the Limbo Contest is 2020, bring it on out!  We are excited to see what you’ve got!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Limbo Contest and we cannot wait to see what you bring out next year!

Thank you to Latest Craze for hosting the Limbo Contest Year after year.  Everyone loved the little competition made to see who had the lowest ride to win in their class.  We cannot wait to see what everyone brings next year and who will win the lowest car, truck, and contraption.

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Wanting more information on Latest Craze? Check out their Facebook page!

Photos by: Gauge Staff

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