Slamology 2019 Music Festival

Slamology 2019 Music Festival

With a full lineup of local Indiana bands ready to perform for the entire crowd of Slamology, the stage was boomin this year!

The Slamology 2019 Music Festival started up on Saturday Morning at 9 am with DJ RDSII, DJ Maze, Rick Nugent, DJ Seany D, Doll Eyes, Red Remains, DJ Maze, Ephect, and Teo.

This year, we had two headliners: Hoser and Big Trajik.

Big Trajik has been a headliner for us for the past two years, and his performance was one you do not want to miss!  Known as a big upcoming Indiana star,  Big Trajik was put into a role on 2 Fox Network TV Series; Empire and Proven Innocent.  This Rapper is doing more than just making a name for himself, he is changing the game!  Congratulations Trajik on landing two amazing roles and bringing in some of the best music around to Slamology 2019!

Our Second Headliner for Slamology 2019 was Hosier.  Hosier has been a headliner at the show for many years and we were glad to welcome him back to Slamology 2019! The crowd rocked along with him as he was singing all his top billboard hits like no one has ever heard before from him at Slamology.  After his performance, of course Hosier stayed around for the Bikini Contest!

Sunday the music started at 10 am with Dj Maze leading into The Miah Ferran Band, Jay Julien, and Gripp!  With the crowd filling up the area in front of the mains stage, everyone around the show was having an amazing time enjoying the wide range of music genres brought to the show!  We enjoyed having all the bands attend and perform their heart out!  Thank you all for the coming, the show wouldn’t be the same without you!

Check out who took the stage at Slamology 2017 Music Festival, you won’t want to miss out!

Want more information on Slamology?  Check out our website!

Photos by: Gauge Staff

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