Slamology 2019 Tattoo Contest

Slamology 2019 Tattoo Contest
Sponsored by: Steel Rod Tattoo

Slamology 2019 Tattoo Contest is hosted by Steel Rod Tattoo!  Whether you had the sickest arm sleeve or a regrettable thigh tatto from a drunken night of fun, we wanted to see what you had!

With the slight rain that we had on Sunday, that did not stop the Tattoo Contest tent from filling up with people who were ready to show off the tattoos that they had! Not only was the tent full of participants but also full of those who were wanting to see what others had, to see who would win any trophies for their tattoos!

The awards were broken down into these specific categories for the contest.  Where the participants won 1st-3rd place awards in these classes; Automotive, New School, Pin-Up, Portrait, Cover Up, Leg , Arm , Back , Traditional , Small Black and Grey – Below 6″, Large Black and Grey – Larger than 6″, Small Full Color – Below 6″, Large Full Color – Larger than 6″, Piercing, Worst Tattoo, Overall Male – 1st Place Only, Overall Female.

For our judges, each year has been a very hard process on deciding who would win the title of many awards.  The crowd always assists the judges on cheering on who they believe should be taking home certain awards, and it helped a lot!  All of the tattoos that were shown showed amazing work and the stories behind each tattoo showed just how much they meant to the owner!  With careful thinking and a long process between the judges of deciding who would win, they came to a conclusion!  Congratulations to all winners!

Check out some of our first place winners!

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Photos by: Gauge Staff

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