Something For The Weekend – May 2019

‘Go anywhere’ premium compact SUV embodies Land Rover spirit of Discovery.

Look – here on Car Articles we haven’t been great supporters of the Chelsea tractor or WAGs wheels of choice. That being said, the SUV in just about every guise is seemingly the most popular body shape just about going in the UK market.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is this month’s ‘Something for the Weekend’ car. It’s a 5+2, has plenty of power, a commanding presence and great visibility. Plenty therefore is to recommend it.

Rawdon Glover, Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK, said: “Discovery Sport has been a stunning sales success for Land Rover, leading the way for the past three years and selling almost one hundred thousand models in the UK to date. The new model combines everything the Discovery family of vehicles embodies with a greater focus on modern life – whether through the new electrified 48-volt MHEV or PHEV powertrains, the latest technologies that keep you connected at all times, or the durable materials used throughout the cabin. The result is a compact seven-seat SUV that caters for every family, in every eventuality.”

In light of the fact that we have a Bank Holiday coming up, this car seemed like the obvious choice. Need to lug the kids, your luggage, the dogs and the kitchen sink? Not a problem. As a hybrid, the tax burden and fuel consumption should be better too. Safety is of course paramount and along with comfort, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

There are eight trim options and six engine choices, meaning that there should be a car to suit whatever budget you have in mind (as long as you have £30,000 plus of course). We like it a lot!

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