Soundcrafters and IASCA, Ready to Rock Jeep Beach!

Daytona Beach Florida – Jeep Beach is a week-long, city-wide event; the nation’s largest Jeep Only event held in Daytona Beach, this year on April 22nd – 27th. During Monday night’s kickoff “Jeep trail-gate” party, IASCA will produce the first ever Jeepcentric Soundoff and JeepGlo lighting competitions. IASCA and Soundcrafters’ principal Paul Papadeas said: “After Soundcrafters’ participation last year, we became fast friends with Jeep Beach producers Charlene and Kurt Greer. We suggested producing an IASCA competition during this, the next event, and the Greers were most excited to accommodate. Adding the car audio promotional element to the event is a natural. Jeepers (as owners are called) are most viable consumers”.

With the Soundoff held at the ESPN Rated Daytona Stadium, IASCA has modified its SQ judging rules to accommodate the Jeep’s unique acoustical environment. In the vast expanse of the stadium’s lots, a “no holds barred” audio demo area will be allowed; there are no neighbors to worry about sound issues. When night falls, IASCA will conduct a JeepGlo competition awarding trophies for best LED, Neon and any other type of interior and exterior lighting.

On Friday and Saturday, the event opens at the Daytona International Speedway to thousands upon thousands of spectators and well over 100 vendors. “We were able to influence a few car audio brands to join the Speedway event” Papadeas said; “JL Audio, Kenwood, Metra and Directed Electronics, among others, are on board. Soundcrafters will have a 2400 sq. ft. display booth where we’ll sell Car Audio and Accessories and perform installations right there in the NASCAR garages; it’s gonna be great!”

Jeep Beach is a 501 (c)(3) organization and has donated more than $350,000.00 annually to local and national charities.

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