Street Rod Nationals 2018

Street Rod Nationals 2018

Street Rod Nationals 2018 was held in Louisville, KY from August 1-4, 2018. With 10,000 vehicle at this event, it was hard for us to make sure that we got photos of every ride that attended, but we got the best coverage for you!

Street Rod Nationals 2018 has been recognized as one of the world’s largest automotive participation events. Bringing in rides ranging from street rods, customs, muscle cars, and much more! You are able to see rides from every make, model, and style at this event.  When a show allows all makes, models, and styles, it makes that show even more amazing because you are able to find rides that you didn’t even know you loved! 

The Builder’s Showcase is something that everyone must see if they attend the show. The Builder’s Showcase bring in 40 cars built by the top professional rod shop’s in the country. This brings in a rare opportunity for all who attend as you are able to see all these amazing rides under one roof.

There was a giant swap meet featuring original vintage automotive parts and cars for sale or trade. There was also finished cars for sale as well, if you were interested in buying, selling, trading, or finding parts for your ride, this is were you wanted to be!

This year was the 49th Annual Street Rod Nationals, and attendance was BOOMIN! Lots were packed with cars and spectators, ready to see rides they’ve never laid their eyes on before and owners sharing their ideas with others!  You can expect for next year to be even bigger and better as August 2019 will be the 50th anniversary!

Wanting more information on Street Rod Nationals 2019 show? Check out their website!

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Photos by: Double D

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