Summer tyre: Continental Premium Contact 6

Overall score: 100.2%Continental Premium Contact 6

It’s common for our summer comparison tyre to struggle to even get to our snow tests, and that was the case this time. It just goes to prove that tyres should be changed with the seasons. 

Whether that should be to winter or all-season tyres is open to debate, but the ultimate solution is to fit the right tyres for the conditions. The PremiumContact 6’s results here demonstrate that, with the edge in warm, wet conditions and a clear advantage in the dry.

For many, the latest all-season tyres, typified by the CrossClimate + and AllSeasonContact, minimise the compromises enough to make them an acceptable all-year-round option.

We say: “Ideal the rest of the year, but a white-knuckle ride on snow.” say: “Popular high-performing summer tyre. Did okay against more specialised tyres”

ResultsSnow braking39.6%Snow traction34.9%Snow circle68%Snow handling54%Straight aquaplaning106.2%Curved aquaplaning106.5%Wet braking106.6%Wet handling105.6%Wet circle108.1%Dry braking110.9%Dry handling101.5%Rolling resistance88.1%Cabin noise99.2%Price£95.21 Previous: Winter tyre: Continental Winter Contact TS 860 Next: Verdict & Results by category

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