Technology Award 2019: Land Rover ClearSight Ground View

Land Rover wins the Auto Express 2019 Technology Award for its ClearSight Ground View system

Land Rover is known for innovation when it comes to off-road technology, so it only stands to reason that the British brand has come up with a world-first system to help when taking your car away from the tarmac. It’s called ClearSight Ground View.

As with many of the best innovations, this technology is delightfully simple. ClearSight Ground View projects a virtual view of the terrain underneath the car – something that’s usually obscured – onto the infotainment screen, which helps you to avoid tough topography and features such as tyre-tearing rocks. It’s even usable in tight parking spaces and to avoid grazes on higher kerbs in urban environments where, let’s face it, plenty of SUVs spend their time and tend to have large, shiny and expensive-to-repair alloy wheels.

Cameras located in the front grille and door mirrors stitch together a picture to provide you with more info on the hazards ahead at speeds of up to 18mph, helping you tackle them with confidence and accuracy without having to second-guess. It even ghosts in the vehicle’s wheels, so you know exactly where to position the car.

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