Tesla Model S and Model X ranges reworked

Tesla’s remodelled Model S and Model X line-ups feature a revised naming structure and a lower price-tag

Tesla has announced it will revise the Model S and Model X range, not with added technology or equipment, but with a remodelled naming structure. The latest naming formula for the Model X and Model S follows that of the Model 3, focussing on range instead of power output. Currently the changes are for the US market only but it’s likely they will roll out to the UK later in 2019.

Under the new structure, 100D models will now be named “Extended Range,” whilst P100D models will be badged as “Performance.” Ludicrous mode-enabled cars will be rebadged as “Performance with Ludicrous Mode” and Tesla will introduce a lower-powered and lower-range version of both cars, badged simply as the “Model S” and “Model X.”

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Tesla has also revised the pricing for the Model S and Model X in the American market, with both cars receiving a reduction of around $1,000 (£800). Whether or not these savings will be transferred to the European market is also yet to be confirmed.

Should they find the Model S or Model X specification they’ve selected unsatisfactory, customers can choose to upgrade whichever model they purchase. Like all Teslas, the battery pack and motor is shared across the Model S and Model X line-ups so, for a price, performance and driving range can be upgraded via over-the-air updates.

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