The Best Spray on Bedliner to Buy for Your Truck

There are many reasons to use a spray on bedliner for your truck. Click here for a list of the best liners to buy for your vehicle.

So, you finally bought the truck of your dreams. Now, you have to take good and proper care of it from headlight to tailpipe so that it will keep you on the road for years to come. And, besides the engine and other moving parts, your truck bed is one of the most essential functions of your truck.

That’s why you should consider installing a spray on bed liner. Without it, your truck bed will be scratched and dented in a matter of moments with that first heavy-duty haul.

But, with so many varieties of bed liners on the market, it can be difficult to narrow your choice down to just one. Of course, you want the best of the best, right? Sure you do!

That’s why we’re breaking down ten of the best spray on bed liners available right now. Take a look.

The Best Spray on Bedliner to Buy for Your Truck

The best spray on bed liner reviews will tell you that these bed liners are the only ones to choose from. 

While there are others on the market, if you want quality and durability that will last a lifetime, consider these options instead.

U-Pol Tintable Tray

The only drawback to using the U-Pol Tintable Truck Bed Liner is that it can get dirty in the process of application. Try to install in a clean environment to avoid this issue. Otherwise, it’s easy to use with precise instructions that are easy to understand.

Perhaps the best feature of this particular liner is that it dries fast. It’s also not affected by harsh conditions.

POR-15 45918 Chassis

The POR-15 Chassis Black Top Coat bed liner comes with everything prepared. All you have to do is follow the instructions and wait for it to dry. No priming necessary!

This product does well for other applications, too, like stainless steel and lawnmowers.

Custom Coat Urethane

This Custom Coat Urethane comes available in a variety of colors. One of the highlighted cons of this product, however, is that matching the color to your existing truck paint can be difficult. Otherwise, the strength and durability are unmatched with multiple layers of polyurethane that provides proper adhesion and reduces vibrations.

Al’s Liner ALS-BL Premium

For a variety of color options, Al’s Liner is the first choice. It provides excellent durability with three layers of polyurethane coating, not to mention that it can withstand UV rays and rust as well as chemicals that you may use on your truck. The one and only drawback is that it may easily dirty during application. 

Dupli-Color BAK2010

The Dupli-Color Bed Armor DIY Truck Spray bed liner is a little thin which can make it difficult to install but it is easy to clean up! This product is made from Kevlar Dupont which prevents rust and provides an anti-skid surface. 

Dupli-Color Bed Armor

The Dupli-Color Bed Armor kit doesn’t require priming before application and the simple formula makes clean up a whole lot easier than most other kits. This bed liner is formulated from Dupont Kevlar that can be used more than once. Keep in mind that if you’re installing yourself, the spray gun can get clogged which may cause uneven sprays.

Liner Xtreeme Spray On Bedliner

This spray-on bedliner kit is extremely durable and gives your truck a beautifully finished appearance. 

The kit includes 3 gallons of bed liner liquid and 2 cans of reducer to ensure complete coverage up to 100 square feet. You can perform the installation yourself with the easy-to-follow instructions, but, beware that the spray gun can clog easily. 

Herculiner Brush-On

This roll-on bedliner can be applied to a variety of surfaces including plastics, metals, and even concrete. 

The final appearance is glossy which makes for a classic look. You’ll find everything you need in the kit, although the experts warn that it can be difficult to apply evenly with the rollers provided.

Bedrug BRQ15SCK

Among the reviews for truck bed liners, the Bedrug is a top pick for its padded floor and anti-skid surface. 

The surface is also waterproof as the liner is made from 100% polyester. The drawback, it’s not really suitable for frequent replacement or removal.

Check out the Bed Run in this 2016 Ford F-150

U-Pol Raptor Urethane

If you want to save some cash but refuse to skimp on quality, the U-Pol Raptor Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner is the way to go. This product provides a high-quality finish that won’t lose color and is rated for high endurance that resists damage. The best part, aside from the price, is the muffled vibration and sound – you’ll barely notice it’s there.

BONUS: Speedliner Spray-In Bedliners

With various options for your spray in bed liner, Speedliner products offer unparalleled strength and protection. View product at this preceding link and make the distinction for yourself. You’ll find a multitude of applications all with non-slip surfaces and providing for a more quiet ride. 

With quality automotive colors to choose from and maximum UV protection, you can’t go wrong with this choice. 

Final Thoughts 

Investing in a spray on bedliner is one of the best ways to protect your truck. After all, your truck is your pride and joy, not to mention a significant investment that you want to take care of. 

Keep these liners in mind as you begin your shopping journey to find the one that aligns with your needs. 

The bed liners presented here are some of the best in the market so you won’t be disappointed.

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