The Coolest Cars to Own in Hawaii

Congratulations, you are going to Hawaii! Whether you’re on a prolonged work project or moving there permanently, you’ll find that Hawaii carries some wonderful gems beyond your room walls. If you’re staying for more than a resort vacation, you’re definitely going to need a car to visit many of these incredible spots.


Hidden beaches, wild valleys, volcanic peaks, and thundering waterfalls reside at the other end of long highways and down bumpy roads. And thanks to the available services that make shipping cars to Hawaii a breeze, you can simply drive to these locations, whether it’s for just a peek or an unforgettable experience that you’re looking for. But what would be the best option when you want to own a car in Hawaii? Do you follow common advice and opt for a 4×4? Do you want to easily park your vehicle anywhere, and would rather get a compact companion? In this article, we highlight the coolest cars to own in Hawaii today.

Compact cars

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need a 4×4 to cruise the island. The exception would be if you want to go to the top of Mauna Kea or visit Waipio, in which case you can just plan for a guided tour instead. Owning a 4×4 entails the high costs of purchase, maintenance, and excessive fuel (they are less efficient due to their added power and massive weight).

Opting for a small car might be the best idea for you, and this is especially true if Oahu happens to be your main destination. Because finding a good parking spot can be extremely challenging – and parking spaces tend to be narrower than your average norm, specifically in Oahu – a more physically compact the car is, the happier you will be with it; think of all the time you’ll save by not circulating four times for a parking spot!

Electric vehicles

Driving an EV in Hawaii is cool for so many reasons. They are the newest and latest in motor vehicle technology. They also offer a smooth and silent driving experience, not forgetting that they help the beautiful island reach its clean energy goals by reducing emissions. Thousands of residents in Hawaii have now opted for electric vehicles, meaning that it won’t be hard to locate a charging station nearby, and they’re quite affordable.


Because owning a car in Hawaii is not the same as owning one in your current city, it may be time to reevaluate your vehicle and decide on whether or not it’s suitable for your new situation. Do you need a summer type car where you can enjoy the constant sunshine? Is it more important that the car is spacious enough to seat an entire family? Is adventure your thing, and you are more likely to drive up mountains and down valleys? Are you doing your best to be environmentally conscious, trying to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the beautiful island? What’s your budget like, both for maintenance and fuel? These are all relevant questions that need to be answered before you start this new and exciting chapter.

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