Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

Did you just purchase a new vehicle and want to keep it in perfect condition? Or are you thinking of buying one?

There are many actions you can take to make that new car shine last longer. Check out these tips for keeping your paint job looking great!

Park in the Shade

Sun and heat can cause your vehicle’s paint to crack and fade. So, always try to park in a garage or other shaded area when possible. Protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight also increases the life of interior components like the dash and seats.

Keep Your Car Clean

It’s a good idea to wash your vehicle weekly to remove the dirt and grime it picks up from the roads. By washing frequently, you can prevent permanent damage to the vehicle’s finish. 

It’s safest to wash your vehicle at home with mild soap. Car washes can use cleaning products that are too strong, and the spinning brushes can be too abrasive. Wash your wheels with a separate sponge or rag to avoid rubbing brake dust onto the paint surface.If you see spots from tree sap or bird droppings, remove them immediately. They are much harder to remove when dry, and scrubbing increases the risk of scratching your paint. Also, acidic compounds in bird droppings and sap can ruin the finish, so you want to get them off the car as fast as possible. The safest way to remove them is with a soft rag and lots of warm, soapy water, and clay bars can also help.

Dry Thoroughly After Washing

You’ve probably noticed that if you let your vehicle air dry after washing, it ends up with splotches where the drops of water were. This happens because the dirty residue in the water droplets dries onto the car. To avoid this, wash your car in the shade and hand dry afterward.

What can you use to dry your vehicle? A chamois is a good option, or some people like to use the Absorber. Any soft, lint-free cloth should work.  We always use this to help Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

Apply Wax

A coat of wax will help shield your paint job from a lot of the hazards of dirt and sun mentioned earlier. Wax will improve the shine of your car’s clear coat and make it more resistant to water spots. It’s good to wax your ride every one to three months.
To make your car shine, apply a liquid or paste wax, let it dry slightly, then polish the surface with a soft, clean cloth. For extra protection, you can use a spray wax after each wash. This will help Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

Use Enclosed Auto Shipping

If you need to transport your vehicle, use enclosed auto shipping. Cars can easily be hit by rocks and other objects that fly up off the road during transport. Shipping your car inside an enclosed trailer will protect it from these road hazards.


There are many practical steps you can take to help Keeping Your Car Looking Like New. For example:

  • Park in the shade
  • Wash your vehicle frequently
  • Hand dry after washing
  • Apply wax
  • Transport your vehicle in an enclosed trailer

If you do all these things, you will significantly increase the life of your car’s paint job and boast a “new” car for longer.

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