Tips to Keep Your Hands Warm During the Winter

Come on, we all know it’s quite hard to ride in the winters. It is, indeed! However, there are many options to deal with the cold weather. In the winter season, the entire torso gets to remain warm on your motorcycle, but it’s the (extremities) hands that suffer the most for me.

With woolen socks, insulated boots and good jackets you can easily ward off the cold from the majority of your body. However, it is the hands who that suffer the most due to the exposure. There are some good ways to keep ‘em warm! Check them out below!

Warm Gloves

Winter gloves will aid you in your battle against the biting frost. Thankfully, there has been a lot of improvement in motorcycle gear over the years. It goes without saying that the gear has benefited from technology advancement as well. Insulated gloves will work wonders but know that they will quite bulky compared to your normal gloves. Even if they are, they will keep your hands warm and enhance the circulation of the blood in your body. In order to keep the cold away, you can also choose ski gloves or gear that is not directly relatable to motorcycle gear!

Hippo Hands

These are my personal favorite! If you’re on the lookout for a solution that doesn’t end up making you feel irritated owing to their large size then hippo hands are your go-to options to fight successfully against the cold environment. They’re properly insulated and do not have to be worn. They can be easily placed on the handlebars and all you have to insert your hands in them. Not only will they block all the wind, but they will also block all the cold. However, it is highly recommended to wear gloves inside them to further protect yourself from the cold if it’s intense.

Heated Grips

Chances are that your motorcycle comes with heated grips. On the off chance that they did not, worry not! You can buy them easily. A little market research and their compatibility with your motorcycle’s electric system will help your hands remain warm all the time. Make sure that your grip has enough electrical power to support heated grips! The grips will keep your hands and palm warm! What more do you want!?

Heated Gloves

Heated gloves come in quite handy. They will help to protect your hands like nobody’s business. All the heat that dissipates away from your body is, generally, lost to the surroundings. However, with heated gloves, you will not lose any heat at all. The heat will be stored by the gloves and this, in turn, will help to keep your hands warm. For people who have hands that get cold fast, the heated glove is a must-have. Moreover, the sensitive ones can easily reap the benefits of wearing this very useful motorcycle gear. A motorcycle that supports both heated gloves and heated grips will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a fully immersive heating experience.

Lever Wraps

You may have success in heating your hands with the help of a little electricity from your motorcycle. With that said, your bike’s metal brake and clutch levels will remain cold. The cold metal will surely end up sending cold chills to your hands on a regular basis. To resolve this issue you don’t have to do something out of the box. All you have to do is get a good lever wrap in order to make your hands remain warm throughout the ride. It is best to go for neoprene wraps. You can also use Rescue Tape on the levers to increase your level of comfort.

The type of gear that you will use depends greatly on the type of motorcycle bag. On a long ride do not forget to go in style with this wonderful care. However, it goes without saying that you should also carry the right luggage gear with you. You should choose the right luggage gear depending upon your bike. As in what would suit you better a saddle bag or Tank bag for a comfortable ride. This will allow your belongings to remain protected and safe even from extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail and snow.

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