Top 10 Muscle Cars Every Young Man Should Drive

COPO Camaro

The love of speed by the majority of young America cannot go unnoticed with classic COPO Camaro muscle car. It is one of the wildest options that give the best motoring experience while still affordable. Those that are ready to hit the road are a bit expensive.

Mercury Comet

This is a classic muscle car that was manufactured in the 70s. It has a high power-weight ratio beating even the well-known Mustang. The ones that come with a 302-cubic inch V8 with Flowmaster dual are the best in the brand line.

Chevrolet El Camino

Chevy El Camino is one of the top names in classic  Muscle Cars Every Young Man Should Drive. The new ones seem to be affordable than the old models, and thus getting one of 1975 could be ideal. It’s as solidly built as the well-written death penalty essays on Samples for college students. Original ones are still available in the market with 350 engines but out of production for many years now.

Pontiac Firebird Formula

There is a high demand for Pontiac Firebirds cars that were in production between 1967 and 1969. This has made its price shot up, but those of second-generation come at an affordable cost. The performance of the original models remains unmatched except for the 1979 model that came with a 6.6-liter V8 engine.

Dodge Dart

The body and parts under the hood have undergone many changes in Dodge Dart that have made it penetrate the market successfully. The car comes in many versions, and any young man can find one that fits their taste and budget.

Ford Mustang Coupe

This classic muscle car made a debut in 1964 and became such a sensation to many. The production is still rolling with 6-cylinder versions being most affordable, and the 60s and 70s models still available.

Chevrolet Impala

The year of production has a great difference when it comes to Chevy Impala classic Muscle Cars Every Young Man Should Drive. It has become a world-class coupe since its introduction in 1958. The cars are affordable except for 1961 models, where few were produced with 409 motors.

Oldsmobile Cutlass

The third generation (1968-19722) is the affordable option of Oldsmobile Cutlass. Though the demand is not high, the model has remained the coolest muscle car of its time.

AMC Javelin

There AMC javelin demand remains low due to the introduction of other models. This is a plus to many as the classic car remains affordable and offer speed and power that many young men desire.

Chevrolet Nova SS

There has been speculation about this model given the meaning of its name No Va translated to No Go in Spanish. However, they sold many cars, and the price remains low on the Nova SS.


With any of the above machines, any young man would have their dreams of riding classic muscle cars come true. One should know their budget and go for ones that meet their needs. Speed and power define all models that formed part of American history.

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