Top 10 Reasons to Wear Riding Gear While Driving a Motorcycle

With the innovative design to keep you warm when cold, dry when wet, and alive during a crash, motorcycle gear is related to a space suit for this side. Our readers understand that we are big proponents of proper motorcycle riding gear. The key factor to look for before getting a motorcycle safety gadget is durability and efficiency.

Wearing anything else might be considered senseless. Wearing t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers while out riding is not only bringing risk to your health but is also very crucial to your very existence. Accidents can happen at any time, so getting prepared for your next ride is one great way of saving your life.

Luckily, the advancement in motorcycle technology has seen newer and better accessories being made. All these are made to help prevent extensive damages in the event of an accident. With so many options to choose from, you do not have to purchase the expensive high-end products to guarantee your safety. There are many reasons as to why every rider must have appropriate motorcycle riding gear. In this list, we will take you the top 10 reasons to have the right motorcycle gear.

1. Protect yourself during a crash

This is probably the most common reason why you ought to have motorcycle riding gear. Preventing yourself from unnecessary medical bills or even in the worst case scenario, to an early grave. Crashes happen, and to anyone, and at any time. Protect your body with the best motorcycle gear, which will prevent you from getting hurt.

2. Protection from the elements

If you are an avid rider, then you know how much fun it is to ride in the rain. All this fun can get compromised if you lack the right gear. Keeping you warm and dry during rainy seasons is one thing manufacturers of such gear work towards.

Having waterproof jackets, pants, and gloves will make your expedition amazing. The right boots will not absorb any water, but these can be dried out later. Whenever you plan on getting the right gear to face the elements, ensure that they are brightly colored. This is to help you to be easily seen, especially when visibility is a significant issue.

3. Protect your hearing

Just as you only live once, you also have only one set of ears. When old and out of the tracks, you will be glad that you saved them. Ear damage is cumulative, and it will hit you at the least expected times. Over the years, however, one does not need to get very concerned about their ears getting damaged.

This is because the hearing protection gear has since evolved to become very useful that no amount of wind caused by the high speeds will affect your ears. Ear plugs are more popular for ear protection.

Even though you have a full-face helmet on, it is still not as effective as having the earplugs on. Ensure that regardless of wherever you will be out riding; whether on the highway, race tracks, off-road, etc., never forget to keep your ears protected.

4. Stay warm in the cold

Riding when you are feeling cold is no fun. When you get in a stage of hypothermia and start feeling too much cold, your judgment becomes impaired. There are many riding gears which have been configured to withstand different seasons; winter, summer, etc.

These can prove to be a bit costly for you. Getting a windproof shell textile can be better for you, especially when on a budget. There is also electric gear which can help regulate the temperature for your body, regardless of how low the temperatures drop.

5. To get a better grip

This applies to both the boots and gloves. For the gloves, you will have a better grip of your bike, even during emergency cases when you are about to lose control. Also, when the temperatures are high, and your hands become sweaty, you will still have better control of the motorcycle.

As for the boots, you will want to hold your bike in position, say at the gas station. Boots without a better grip of the pavement will most likely slide off and down you will go with your bike. Not forgetting the ankle support you get from boots with grippy soles.

6. Protection from the sun

This use of riding gear is often downplayed by many. When riding, especially during the hot seasons, your body can easily get sunburns. The right motorcycle gear will prevent that from happening, by covering you from the harmful sun rays. It is, however, advised that whenever you are riding during such times, to apply sunscreen to parts of the body which are not covered by the gear, e.g., on your neck. Summer riding gear will also shield you from dehydration by retaining the sweat to bring in a cooling effect. In addition to this, you will have to boost your body with extra fluids (not soda) to keep your body hydrated at all times.

7. Protecting from flying debris

When riding on rough terrains, there might be some unseen debris which can fly and ultimately hurt you. It is always good to be prepared for such. Having the right gear will ensure no part of your body gets injured regardless of the speed the debris flies to you.

8. Increase visibility

Black leather is the unofficial uniform for most riders. However, if you must have black leather, ensure that it has stripes of reflectors to help in visibility during low light situations. If you do not have bright gear, at least have your helmet visible, at all times, during the day and at night. This protects you from being squashed by errant drivers on the road.

9. Protect your eyes

A full-face helmet is always the best option when it comes to protecting your eyes. In some states, a rider will be required to have glasses which cover their entire eye views, for better visibility and protection from flying objects.

10. Stand out as a rider

What is the essence of being a rider if you do not look like one? Having the right motorcycle gear ensures that you are easily noticed as one. The right gear is very pleasing to the eye and will pass as a fashionable one.

Bottom line

If you are a motorcycle rider, you should then act like one. Have your safety and comfort in mind at all times. With the right riding gear, you will stand to benefit from all the uses as mentioned above. Want to check out some cool motorcycles check out this coverage from Slamology 2019 Motorcycle section.

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